Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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May 1873

Hampshire advertiser: Agents – The Misses Gibbs, Royal Marine Library, Union-street, Ryde

May 3rd 1873:  GRAND BALL – On Wednesday evening a grand ball, given by the 79th Cameron Highlanders, took place at the Town-hall.  About 500 invitations had been issued, and there were 450 ladies and gentlemen present.  The hall was superbly decorated, the floral decorations being entrusted to Mr. J. H. REDMAN. The colours recently presented to the regiment were hung over the platform, guarded by two Highlanders.  On the 9th instant the officers of the 102nd Fusiliers also give a ball at the same place on an equally magnificent scale.

May 3rd 1873:  ALARM OF FIRE – On Wednesday afternoon a fire took place at Devonshire House, St. Thomas-street.  It appears that a child had set a stack pipe on fire, which extended to the roof.  The conductor of the fire Brigade (Mr. BUCKETT) and two or three of his men were speedily in attendance, and did all that was necessary.

May 7th 1873:  ALL SAINTS’ PARISH CHURCH – an elaborately worked alter frontal has been presented to the Vicar of the Parish Church, the Rev. Alexander POOLE.  It was used for the first time on Easter Sunday.

May 10th 1873:  OLDEST INHABITANT IN RYDE – On Wednesday morning Mr. James WOODROW expired at his residence, Vernon-square.  His exact age is not known, but his baptismal certificate is 96 years old.  The deceased was originally a lock maker, and had a little place of business close to where the Pier Hotel now stands.

May 10th 1873:  CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION – A meeting of the members of this association was held on Wednesday evening at the Anglesea Tavern.  Colonel HILL occupied the chair, and Mr. MATTHEWS the vice-chair.

May 14th 1873:  PROSPECT OF PEACE – It is gratifying to record that mainly through the exertions of the Rev. A. POOLE, Vicar of Ryde, an effort is being made to bring about an arrangement between the town and the Gas Company.

May 28th 1873:  QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY – On Saturday the town of Ryde was gaily dressed in honour of Her Majesty’s birthday.  There was a great display of bunting at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and at noon a Royal salute was fired at the battery in honour of the day.

May 28th 1873:  BOROUGH POLICE COURT – “Weights” A number of tradesmen were summoned for defective weights.  Mr. Superintendent BURT, inspector of weights and measures, appeared in support of the information’s.  – “Drunk” Ann Pollard was charged with being drunk and incapable of taking care of herself. She was found at the bottom of George-street lying on the pavement. Fined 5s. and costs, or seven days’ imprisonment.

May 31st 1873:  RETIRING – At a meeting at Ryde in support of the candidature of the Hon. Evelyn ASHEY for the Isle of Wight, a letter from Sir William HUTT, M.P. for Gateshead, was read, in which the hon. Gentleman, who has recently purchased Apley Towers, near Ryde, states that after nearly forty-two years of public life in the House of Commons and elsewhere, he is about to retire.

May 31st 1873: THE PIER – The genial weather of the past few days has been the cause of a considerable number of perambulators on the Pier.

May 31st 1873:  AUSTRALIAN MEAT – An effort is being made to get up an Australian meat banquet in Ryde similar to that which was so great a success at Shanklin last week.