Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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May 1908

May 1908 – 100 Years ago

Isle of Wight Observer

May 2nd 1908: PRESENTATION – The Mayor of Ryde presented the St. John’s-road Boys School with their medals won in the Ryde School’s League.

May 2nd 1908: BOWLING GREEN – The Bowling Green on the Esplanade will probably be closed for another fortnight at least, owing to the backward condition of the grass.

May 9th 1908: ST. JOHN’S ORGANIST – Mr. Gerald TEAGUE is acting as organist at St. John’s Church in place of Mr. F. G. BROUGHTON, who has been taken seriously ill.

May 16th 1908: FORESTERS – The Ryde Court of Foresters will attain its Diamond Jubilee on Monday, the dispensation bearing date May 18th 1818.

May 23rd 1908: RYDE LIFEBOAT – A simple launching devise, which promises to be as effective as it is simple, has been tried by the Ryde Lifeboat Committee, who expresses themselves as being pleased with the results.

May 30th 1908: POST OFFICE – The Ryde Post Office will be open for public business until 10pm on and from, June 1st and until further notice.

May 30th 1908: THEATRE – The visit of Miss Eva MOORE was a powerful attraction supplied by Mr. Charles CONSTANT at the Theatre on Friday. The talented actress appeared before a large matinee audience.

Isle of Wight Times

May 14th 1908: COACH ACCIDENT – 7 people were injured on Wednesday when an accident of an alarming nature occurred about 11 oclock. A char-a-banc belonging to Mr. TAYLOR of Monkton-street (Chas. BISHOP, driver) had just started from Dean House with a party to see the Gladiator wreck, when one of the horses slipped and the horses dashed off across the Esplanade and overturned. One of the ladies has since died from her injuries.

May 21st 1908: CERTIFICATES GAINED – Mrs Violet MAYNE, daughter of Mr. W. TEAGUE, has attained the certificate of the Sanitary Inspectors Board and also full diploma of the National Health Society.