Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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May 1910

Isle of Wight Observer

May 7th 1910: IW HUNT RACES AT ASHEY – The races will be a gate meeting this year. Some of the County Police force are to be mounted for the regulation of traffic at the races.

May 7th 1910: HOTELS – The re-opening of the Pier Hotel and the letting and decorating of the Esplanade Hotel have greatly improved the appearance of the Esplanade.

May 7th 1910: ROOSTER VEILS – Veilings grow more and more eccentric, the American trend leads. That is to say the veiling is placed loosely around the hat –curtain wise– then drawn around the throat and then fastened with a jewelled safety pin at the nape of the neck.

May 7th 1910: ADVERTISEMENT – Ryde Pier Company, the Victoria Pier is now open for Hot and Cold Salt and Fresh Water Baths for Ladies and Gentlemen. Special Ozone Iodized Baths for Invalids, strongly recommended by the Medical Profession. Full particulars as to Tariff, etc. can be obtained at the Pier Gates.

May 7th 1910: ADVERTISEMENT – Miss TURTLE, Eagle Hotel, Esplanade, Ryde receives pupils for Ball Room, Fancy, and Classical dancing. Dances arranged and taught for, Private Theatricals &c.

May 14th 1910: THE PRINCE EDDIE – The “Prince Eddie” which ran trips from Ryde last season has been sold to a Spanish firm, and has left for the Peninsular. If she is experiencing the same sort of weather that has prevailed in the neighbourhood of the Wight lately, her crew will not have a very enviable time.

May 14th 1910: DEATH OF KING EDWARD – In no corner of his late Majesty’s dominions was the news of the death of the King received with more genuine grief than in the Isle of Wight. On Friday morning the bulletin, though it indicated that the King was seriously ill, did not forbid hope that he would recover. The news of the King’s terribly sudden death therefore came as a shock to everyone.

May 21st 1910: RYDE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION – The Association is making a special appeal for funds in order to carry on the valuable work in which they are engaged. The Ryde people should do their utmost to assist the Association, whose work has borne such good fruit in the past few years.

May 21st 1910: INDISPOSITION OF THE MAYOR – During the service for the late King at Ryde His Worship was rather overcome by the heat and the exertion of walking to the church in his robes, and became faint. Some water was obtained, and he recovered before the conclusion of the service. This did not pass unnoticed and much anxiety was felt. On inquiry later in the day we were glad to hear that Mr. Maybrick was quite himself again.

May 21st 1910: THE LADY OF THE LAMP – The Times notes that Miss Florence Nightingale celebrated her ninetieth birthday on Thursday and it is fifty years since she went out to the Crimea, and with the support of Mr. Sidney Herbert, then Secretary of War, organised a nursing service for the troops at the front.

May 28th 1910: EMPIRE DAY – The schoolchildren of the Town were released from attending school on Tuesday afternoon, in view of the festival of Empire Day, which was celebrated on that day.

May 28th 1910: IMPROVEMENTS – It is hoped that the failure of the chalk groyne scheme will not discourage the Council from taking some steps to improve the sea front.

May 28th 1910: MOURNING APARREL – When the Summer arrives we shall be turning our attention to black muslin with small spots upon it, and to the finer description of voile. Both of these look exceedingly well lined with white and such treatment renders them cooler and more comfortable to wear.