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May 1912

Isle of Wight Observer

May 4th 1912: AGREED – Mrs. CRADOCK has kindly consented to become the president of the Young Helper’s League in connection with Dr. BARNARDO’s Homes.

May 4th 1912: ORPHANS – One child was admitted to Dr. BARNARDO’s Home last week. The Charter of the Home is “No destitute child ever refused admission”. Under this rule they are ready to admit any number of really destitute children who may be rendered orphans by the Titanic Disaster.

May 4th 1912: RAILWAY CHANGE – Mr. H. BRENT, who has for many years occupied the position of Engineer to the Isle of Wight Railway Co., is resigning this position, and the Directors wishing to have the advantage of his long experience, have appointed him Consulting Engineer.

May 4th 1912: CHARITY BALL – A very successful ball was given in the Town Hall in aid of the Titanic Disaster Fund, when nearly 200 were present. Dancing took place to music supplied by the band of the Howitzer Brigade, R.F.A., who very kindly gave their services. Mr. A. LININGTON was M.C., and Miss STAGG superintended at the refreshment tables.

May 4th 1912: FUND – The performance of “H.M.S. Pinafore” by the Sandown Operatic Society at Ryde, was such a success. The total balance from the matinee and evening performances was £48, which has been handed to the Mayor of Ryde’s “Titanic” Disaster Fund.

May 11th 1912: OLDEST INHABITANT – Mr. Charles PRATT, the Island’s oldest inhabitant, will on Sunday be the recipient of innumerable messages of congratulations, for on that day he will have reached the 103rd anniversary of his birth. To be one of the oldest living persons in the British Isles is a matter of felicitation.

May 18th 1912: GILDED EAGLE – Which used to adorn the stern of the famous schooner America which won the American Cup in the race round the Isle of Wight in 1851, has been presented by the Duke of Sutherland to the New York Yacht Club. For many years the eagle was a conspicious ornament on the outside of the Eagle Hotel, Ryde. It was purchased by Messrs. PURNELL and PURNELL, who ultimately disposed of it to a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron. Thus the American Eagle, after a long sojourn in England has returned to its native land.

May 18th 1912: JOURNEY – Mr. A. E. COOMBES the geniel Secretary of the Ryde Gaslight Company left in the R.M.S. Olympic for New York on Wednesday. As he intends to visit Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and other United States cities he will doubtless have a very enjoyable holiday tour.

May 18th 1912: PLUCKY HANDYMAN – At about mid-day a heavy horse attached to a coal trolley, the property of Mr. BLACKBURN of Union-street, suddenly bolted in St. Thomas’s-street. It galloped wildly down St. Thomas’s-street into Pier-street, where, outside the Pier Hotel it was very pluckily brought to a standstill by Arthur BURT, an acting leading stoker, at the Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth. The sailor is to be commended for his prompt and plucky action.

May 18th 1912: BOWLING MATCH – The Ryde Bowling Club met the Mayor and Corporation in a most enjoyable game on Thursday afternoon when the club obtained the advantage. During the interval Captain MILLIAS thanked the Mayor and Corporation for giving the Club such an enjoyable game.