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May 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

May 1st 1920:  GOLF CLUB – The committee are making the necessary arrangements in connection with the newly formed Golf Club at Ryde House Park, and have issued particulars of membership for ladies and gentlemen including visitors, the club year starting on June 24th, but it will be several months before the course is completed.

May 1st 1920:  ORIGINAL DANCES – Mrs. ROLPH has arranged with Miss Annea SPONG to appear in original dances at the Town Hall on Saturday (May Day) commencing at 8 p.m.  The dances are based on a natural movement, and their selection have been invented and arranged by Miss SPONG.  There is no doubt it will be a very charming entertainment, and we cordially recommend a visit.

May 1st 1920:  CLAIM FOR POSSESSION – Angelo VALVONA, of Oakfield, summoned Henry JEFFREY at the County Bench on Tuesday for the possession of a cottage at 15 School Street.  Applicant said the cottage was let at 4s. a week and recently he acquired it.  He did not want it for his own purposes but for repairing as it had been partly condemned.

May 1st 1920:  GREENS – The Public Bowling Greens on the Esplanade will be open for the season today (Saturday).  It is a question whether the grass will be sufficiently dry for Mr. HAYDEN to measure his length as he once promised to do. Season tickets are granted 15 exclusive of locker, woods, slips, etc.

May 8th 1920:  CENTENARY – The many kind and gracious ladies engaged in Nursing in Ryde will be interested to know that the Centenary of the birth of Florence NIGHTINGALE is to be observed on Wednesday, the 12th.  It was the skill and devotion of the women who carried on the best traditions of Florence NIGHTINGALE’s highest ideals that restored to health and usefulness so vast a proportion of the men who were wounded, gassed, or stricken with grave maladies during the years of the war.

May 8th 1920:  MUSIC – Jazzing in the open is likely to be popular in the summer and many would like to see something of the kind in the Western Enclosure.  The D.S.O. Band would gladly provide the music.

May 8th 1920:  STEEPLECHASES – The Steeplechases at Ashey drew crowds each day and the weather was more favourable than it has been on some previous occasions.  A Ryde shopkeeper had “a perfect day” as he started with £1 on the first favourite at evens and his luck continued throughout the day.  Perhaps the “bookies” had some of it back the next day as they generally do.

May 22nd 1920:  VICTORIA PIER – The Town Clerk received the following letter from Mr. Leonard TAYLER, secretary of the Ryde Pier Co: — “Dear Sir, I am instructed by my Directors to apply to you for payment of £1,000, being the purchase money in connection with the sale by them to the Corporation of the Victoria Pier.”  The Finance Committee reported to the Council that the matter was receiving their attention.

May 22nd 1920:  DUTCH VISITORS – From time to time parties of visitors from Holland cross from Southampton to Ryde Pierhead for a tour round the Island.  The largest company that have yet been here, numbering over 90, came on Monday and were the source of much attention.

May 22nd 1920:  SCHOOL OF ART – Mr. William COX, the Art Master, was sadly disappointed when the Higher Education Committee decided to close the School of Art, in George-street.  It seems very strange that in a place like Ryde, where the surroundings appeal to the artistic instinct, that a School of Art cannot be established on a paying basis.

May 22nd 1920:  FARM LAND – Some of the new occupiers of farms in the neighbourhood of Ryde, are displaying all their “weight” in keeping pedestrians from any part of their territory.  Those who have been used to taking a short cut over the land on their Sunday morning excursions, received quite a rude shock in being ordered off, on threat of a summons.