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May 1970

Isle of Wight Times:

May 7th 1970:  BACK DOWN – Most people in Ryde have come to the conclusion that in clashes between the Borough Council and local taxi drivers, the taximen always win.  The latest instance when taxi drivers threatened to boycott a new rank provided as part of the town’s sea front development and were then allowed to park in others areas as well.

May 7th 1970:  VICTORIA ARCADE – Queen Victoria would have been far from amused had she realised that the arcade at Ryde bearing her name would have deteriorated to “a proper wreck”.  Now the Royal Victoria Arcade, standing in arrogant disrepair in Union Street, is spoiling the look of one of the finest shopping centres in the Isle of Wight.  Alderman BOURN said “I think we should apply to have it taken off the list of protected buildings”.  The County Council have received an application from the arcade owners for permission to demolish it.

May 7th 1970:  FISH AND CHIPS – An Oakfield High Street fish and chip shop proprietor crawled to safety through flames and smoke on Saturday after vats of boiling fat exploded on the frying range.  Within 30 seconds The Renown fish and chip shop run by Mr. Raymond LUCKMAN with his wife, Ellen, and son David, 17, was ablaze from end to end.  Fortunately it was almost closing time and the last customer had left.

May 7th 1970:  GAS FEDERATION – A talk on the plastics industry was given to 39 members of the Women’s Gas Federation on Monday at the Southerngas demonstration room, High Street.  The speaker was Mr. W. A. CHANDLER OF Transatlantic Plastics. Central heating systems were described by a Southerngas spokesman.

May 14th 1970:  SNOOKER ADDICTS – Guest speaker at the annual Ryde and District Snooker and Cribbage League dinner and dance at the Ponda-Rosa on Friday was Mr. Alf BUSHELL, former secretary. Mr. BUSHELL recalled the keen matches played at the Paxton Club, the only “dry” house in the league but now, sadly, almost in ruins.  The longest match he could recall lasted five-and-a-half hours.

May 14th 1970:  CROQUET TEACH-IN – Ryde Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club assisted by the Central Council for Physical Recreation held a croquet course for beginners on Sunday.  Despite poor weather some 30 to 40 participants attended.  Game objectives and elementary rules were given by Mrs. T. EARNSHAW.

May 14th 1970:  A TALK – At the monthly meeting held on Wednesday, of the Holy Trinity Mothers’ Union, Cllr. Mrs. Grace BURRIDGE gave a talk on “The work of a Borough Councillor.” Miss MOSS presided.

May 14th 1970:  COOKERY DEMONSTRATION – Garfield Road Young Wives’ and Friends’ Group held an open meeting last Wednesday at Garfield Hall.  Miss PARKER, of the S.E.B., gave a cookery demonstration and also described a self-cleaning cooker.

May 14th 1970:  LOWLY HAYLANDS – Haylands Football Club held their annual meeting at the London Hotel, when Mr. E. WELCH, hon secretary reported that this had been one of the worst seasons the club had known.  The first team finished third from bottom of the second division.

May 28th 1970:  RUSTY WIRING – The General Purposes Committee received a report from the Town Sergeant, Mr. George SAVILL, that the wires linking the chiming mechanism to the bells of the Town Hall clock were rusted, and that one was at breaking point.  Further, each bell was secured by only one bolt and the bell on the South side was insecure.  Mr. OCCOMORE, Ryde’s Borough Surveyor, volunteered to scale the lofty tower then prepare a report.