Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 1859

October 1859

Isle of Wight Observer

Oct 1st 1859: KESTRAL HAWK – A very beautiful specimin of a cream coloured Kestral Hawk was shot by George RENDALL Esq., last week near Newchurch. It has been handed over to Mr. F. BEAZLEY, Ryde for preservation.

Oct 1st 1859: THE ROCKET – The one o’clock coaches from Ryde and Ventnor will be discontinued after Saturday, as will the “Star” omnibus to Shanklin.

Oct 1st 1859: FEAST OF ST. MICHAEL – The annual goose feast took place at the Nelson Tavern, on Thursday evening, when a large party sat down to an excellent spread. Song, toast, and sentiment went merrily around afterwards.

Oct 8th 1859: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – The Hon. W. and Mrs. STOURTON and family left their residence, Elvington House, on Tuesday last for Brussels; Mr. and Miss CRAMER have returned from their continental tour, to Eastmount, after an absence of three months.

Oct 8th 1859: THE LUNGS OF THE TOWN – We are at a loss to decide the question, whether trees in towns be the more useful or ornamental. Their beauty is universally recognised and it is a chemical fact, not widely known, that trees absorb carbonic acid gas which is noxious to man and give in exchange oxygen which is beneficial.

Oct 8th 1859: PETTY SESSIONS – George SANDERS, alias “BROCK”, was summoned for leaving his horse and carriage on the Esplanade stand without anyone in charge to take care of same…. Fined 10s. and 7s.6d. costs. William HUMPHRY was summoned for plying for hire on the Esplanade stand with a carriage without a name or number painted thereon….. Dismissed with a caution.

Oct 15th 1859: ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH – A letter was read asking for the use of one of the shops in the Market House. Mr. THURLOW advocated granting the use of a portion of the Market House to the Telegraph Company at a nominal rent of 5s. per year.

Oct 22nd 1859: SWANMORE CHAPEL – The fifth anniversary of this chapel took place on Monday last. In the afternoon there was a public tea, and in the evening a meeting, both of which were well attended.

Oct 22nd 1859: VOLUNTEER RIFLE CORPS – A personal canvas has been carried out the past week in Ryde, with a view of stimulating the military valor of the town. We have heard that the result, as far as at present ascertained, is not altogether satisfactory.

Oct 22nd 1859: TELEGRAPH – The Telegraph from Newport has progressed towards Ryde as far as Havenstreet. The workmen are busily engaged in laying it by the side of the road about 15 inches below the surface.

Oct 29th 1859: EXTRAORDINARY WEATHER – The gale on Tuesday night damaged the Eastern Esplanade, it is torn up to some extent, perhaps to about £5 damage. The Esplanade itself was under three or four feet of water, which made it impassable and people congregated at the bottoms of the streets. A large portion of the cross of St. Marie’s Church, which surmounts the western end of the nave, came down. However, the Old Pier, which is condemmed, rode out the gale.