Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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October 1866

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Oct 6th 1866:  THATCHED HOUSE TAVERN – of Cross-street, Ryde, Sale of the whole of the Household Furniture, 4-pull Beer Engine, Bagatelle Table (by Rayner), and other effects of the above premises, without reserve.  W. H. WALLIS will sell by auction, on the premises, on Tuesday October 16, 1866.

Oct 6th 1866:  ACCIDENT – An accident of a peculiar nature, although happily unattended with very serious results, occurred to two men named John TANSOM and James JACKMAN, who had been employed in digging out earth opposite some new buildings in the High-street.  TANSOM was speedily extricated, but JACKMAN was over half-an-hour partially embedded in the earth.  After considerable labor the poor fellow was got out and conveyed to the Infirmary.

Oct 6th 1866:  HEALTHFUL RESORT – We are much gratified to hear that several large properties in Ryde and its neighbourhood have been taken within the past few days by families who have resolved to spend the winter here—an additional proof that the returns of the Registrar-General, as to the healthfulness of the Isle of Wight, is generally appreciated.

Oct 6th 1866:  PETTY SESSIONS – Frederick HUGHES, comedian, of Arthur-street, applied to the Bench to have the defendant, Willoughby DIXEY, of Anglesea-street, bound over in sureties of the peace.  Prisoner was bound over in his own recognisance in the sum of £20 to keep the peace for six months.

Oct 13th 1866:  BURIAL BOARD – A meeting of this Board was held for the purpose of appointing a superintendent of the cemetery.  Seven persons applied for the office;  the two candidates having the largest number of votes, Henry MEW, 10; Henry BUTCHER, 8.  Mr. MEW was accordingly duly elected.

Oct 13th 1866:  LITERARY INSTITUTE – As the winter is now close at hand, when dark leisure evenings demand some occupation of instruction, we know that we may expect a few interesting attractive lectures in connection with this society.  Mr. George GROSSMITH, the literary artist, humourist and wit, without a rival in his own sphere, an admirable lecturer, and an accomplished orator, is engaged for Thursday, November 15th.

Oct 13th 1866:  COMMISSIONERS – Mr. FUTCHER informed the Board that Mr. LOCKE, of High-street, was about to re-build his premises, and had expressed his willingness to give up the three pillars in front of his house, on condition that the building be put on a level with the houses adjoining and that the Commissioners should sanction his hanging his pigs outside, otherwise the pillars to remain.

Oct 13th 1866:  RAILWAY – A few days ago an important meeting was convened by Mr. Thomas DASHWOOD, chairman of the Ryde Board of Commissioners, with a view of eliciting the opinion of the inhabitants with reference to direct railway communication between Ryde and Newport.  The unanimous opinion that direct communication between the two towns was far preferable to the circuitous route now proposed.

Oct 27th 1866:  MUSIC AT A DISCOUNT – We understand that at a sale by public auction on Thursday last in Ryde a piano, by Broadwood, was purchased for the low price of 16s., and that the auctioneer will be happy to find a customer for a “Collard and Collard” at the unprecedentedly low price of half a sovereign!

Oct 27th 1866:  MODEL DOCKYARD – is at 26  Pier-street, Ryde.  A large assortment of models, &c., kept in stock.  Models of Screw and Paddle Boats made to order and to work by clockwork.  V. PEYTON.

Oct 27th 1866:  CLOTHING – C. MORLEY, tailor, renovator, and scourer, 40 High-street, Ryde.—Gentlemen’s garments scoured, renovated, or repaired on the shortest notice.  Paint or Tar extracted.