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October 1911

IW Observer & IW County Press

Oct 7th 1911: LADIES HOCKEY CLUB – This club will start its season tomorrow (Saturday) and will practice at St. Clare, Ryde. Any particulars may be obtained from the Captain, Miss F. HAZLERIGG, Thornbury, Shanklin, or Miss F. LANGDON, Player-street, Ryde, the Hon. Secretary.

Oct 7th 1911: LIGHT IN DARKNESS – For years a lamp has stood at Haylands not far from the Public House, but it has never been lighted. Some people wanted the lamp to fulfil its purpose, others have strenuously declined to enrich the Gas Company. At last Mr. TOPP has solved the difficulty by collecting the necessary cash from those who favoured light.

Oct 14th 1911: NEW ORGAN – On Thursday a special service was held at St. James’s Church to inaugurate the new organ which has been recently built at a cost of some £500. The first performances on the new organ were given by Mr. H. Victor SPANNER, Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., who is well-known in the South of England as the “Blind organist.”

Oct 14th 1911: DUST CARTS – The complaint that the dust carts are about at all hours of the day is well founded. When visitors are in the town it would be well to endeavour to confine the perambulations of the carts to the early morning.

Oct 14th 1911: BRIGSTOCKE ALMS HOUSES – A vacancy having occurred the Trustees are prepared to receive applications from candidates for admission. Application forms which must be carefully filled in and returned with not less than two testimonials on or before Tuesday, the 17 instant, can be obtained from Mr. Alfred G. PURNELL, 7 and 8 High-street, Ryde, or the vicar of Holy Trinity, Ryde.

Oct 17th 1911: PRINCESS ZITA OF BOURBON – The marriage takes place tomorrow (Saturday) of Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma, who was until recently an inmate of the Benedictine Convent at Appley. The Princess, who is only nineteen years of age, is to marry the Archduke Charles Francis Joseph, who stands next to Francis Ferdinand and in succession to the Dual Throne of Austria-Hungary. The wedding is the result of a love match. (CP)

Oct 21st 1911: FIRE BRIGADE – After the monthly practice of the Ryde Fire Brigade, Mr. J. DOWNER and Mr. C. WILLIAMS were presented with long service medals, the former a silver medal for 20 years service, and the latter a bronze medal for 15 years service.

Oct 28th 1911: BLACK AND WHITE – There is a perfect craze for the black-and-white scheme of dress now — white feathers and ermine, white ratine collars and cuffs, white spats, white uppers to boots of black patent, and white pearl buttons on serge suits, these often rivalling the costers “pearlies” in their number.

Oct 28th 1911: WARNING – The officers of the Girls’ Friendly Societies should warn their members against the touts who are calling on servant girls and selling them jewellery &c., at exorbitant prices on the instalment system; many girls when failing to pay up are receiving threatening letters. Let the girls know they can be helped free by the society’s solicitor.

Oct 28th 1911: RYDE BOWLING CLUB – The third annual dinner of the members and friends of the Ryde Bowling club, will be held at the Esplanade Hotel, on Monday week, November 6th, at 7 p.m. The dinner will be followed by a smoking concert and presentation of prizes.