Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1859

Isle of Wight Observer

Sept 3rd 1859: FESTIVITIES – On Friday last, Lord and Lady DOWNER entertained a numerous circle of friends and visitors in Ryde and the Isle of Wight. The company assembled at 7 o’clock, and dancing commenced on the terrace which was illuminated by Chinese lanterns and decorated with flags. In the course of the evening the assembled company had the pleasure of seeing from the terrace, the Royal Yachts moored off Osborne, splendidly illuminated and a grand display of fireworks, in honour of H.R.H. the Prince Consort’s birthday.

Sept 3rd 1859: HARBOUR – The town of Ryde may be congratulated on possessing now for the first time, a sheltered harbour within which vessels may lie in comparitive safety and protected from the prevailing winds, also two basins, into and from which, the vessels carrying nine-tenths of the trade may enter and depart, their cargoes being discharged or loaded on, to or from the quays.

Sept 3rd 1859: RYDE ROYAL REGATTA – The Ryde Regatta, often it used to be called “the sailing match”, always attracts more interest among inhabitants of Ryde than the regattas of the great aquatic clubs of the Solent. The “Harriet” was coming out again with her large sprit sail, and also the much-vaunted “Florence Nightingale” was going to take part in the contest.

Sept 10th 1859: ENTERTAINMENT – An entertainment at the Victoria Rooms on Tuesday next features the Misses TERRY (Kate and Ellen), they are no longer the charming children who reigned a juvenile favourite some time since, they have developed with their growth, an artistic excellence of the higher order. So well-known as the “Princesses”, they are spending their vacation by giving a series of drawing-room entertainments entitled “Distant Relations” and “Home for the Holidays.”

Sept 10th 1859: FASHIONABLE LIST – Sir William, Lady and Miss MARTINS left Westmont for London on Wednesday, for a few days; Le Prince Victor WASSILTCHIHOFF has arrived at number 3 Pier Terrace.

Sept 10th 1859: IMPORTANT MEETING – A requisition has been sent to Mr. RIDDETT to call a public meeting on Monday next at the Town Hall to take the opinion of the ratepayers in reference to the St. John’s Estate Cemetery Scheme, and also with regard to the supply of water by taking the Quarry Springs. Both of these questions must be settled at once.

Sept 10th 1859: LETTER TO THE EDITOR – I beg to offer a hint that may be useful. In the heat of Summer, as well as the frost of Winter, for those who inhabit the rooms next to the roof, I invented a remedy some years since, that is to cover the inside of the ceiling, three or four inches thick with light dry sawdust, which keeps off the heat as well as the cold, and in which no vermin or insects will harbour. I generally employ a small boy who can creep in some small apeture and lay the dust evenly over. Yours very obediently… A VISITOR Sept 5 1859.

Sept 17th 1859: SALUTE – On Sunday last at noon the Russian frigate “Svetland” lying at the Motherbank, fired a Royal Salute in honor of the Empress’s “name day”; and the frigate, as well as the Russian Yacht “Zaira” off Ryde, “dressed” for the day. The effect was very pretty.

Sept 17th 1859: A DOGGY TALE – The Russian Frigate “Svetland” got up steam and left our roadstead on Thursday afternoon, a dog belonging to this ship, the animal was ashore on the Pier, when he saw the flag run up, and fearing he should be left behind, he took to the water.

Sept 17th 1859: PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY – A two shilling tea party and an exhibition took place at the Society’s rooms in Melville-street. The pictures were kindly lent by the gentry and inhabitants of the town, and the collection was upon the whole, far superior to that which might have been expected.

Sept 24th 1859: BANKRUPTSY – The Court of Bankruptsy London, reference the Crown Inn at Ryde. This was a certificate sitting, under the Bankruptsy of James WOODROW, of Ryde in the Isle of Wight, innkeeper.

Sept 24th 1859: THE SEASON – The prevailance of strong cold winds accompanied with heavy rain has brought our season to a premature close, still it should be succeeded by a fine autumn, there will sure to be a suplementary season which may probably stretch through October.

Sept 24th 1859: POLICE COURT – An Italian boy was brought up by Sergeant KING, charged with exhibiting a ferocious monkey. The vile animal has already flew at and bit several children. He was ordered out of the Island or to be committed as a rogue and vagabond.

Sept 24th 1859: RESCUE FROM DROWNING – A gentleman fell into deep water from the Pier at Ryde and being unable to swim, had sunk twice, when Mr. George WHITEHEAD, midshipman RN., hearing a cry, rushed to the spot, and, stripping off his jacket, jumped in, and succeeded in saving the drowning man. His own life was nearly lost in the attempt, for the sinking man clutched him round the neck and drew him under the water, and, but for the timely arrival of a boat, probably two corpses would have been brought ashore. The brave action by a youth of 17 is worthy of being recorded.