Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1866

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Sept 1st 1866:  ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH – The new incumbent, the Rev. Hooker WIX, with a view of restoring the church to its proper position, has set most earnestly to work amongst the people of the district, and the congregation has in consequence largely increased.

Sept 1st 1866:  WANTON MISCHIEF – We have frequently had occasion to call attention to the fact of some mischievous persons committing depredations in the gardens of the town.  It is certainly impossible with the limited number of police allotted to the town of Ryde and its suburbs that they can be everywhere at once.  Still, we trust they may soon be successful in capturing these night marauders.

Sept 1st 1866:  HINT TO COMMISSIONERS – During the heavy rain, about mid-day on Tuesday, Mr. RAYNER’s premises, in Pier-street, were completely flooded from some defect in the drainage in that locality.  Fortunately the storm was of short duration, or many valuable things may have been injured.

Sept 1st 1866:  QUEEN AND PHOTOGRAPHY – It is interesting to note that Her Majesty still continues her practical patronage of photography.  We perceive by the Court News that our well-known local photographer, Mr. Jabez HUGHES, attended, by command, on Her Majesty during her recent stay at Osborne, and that he had the honor of photographing Her Majesty’s grandchildren.

Sept 1st 1866:  CAB DRIVERS – Sir, The cabmen of Ryde are not a worse class of men than those of other watering places, but for many years past, owing to the apathy and neglect of the Town Commissioners, these men have been permitted to break every law and bye-law with perfect impunity.

Sept 8th 1866:  BLIND TOM – An extraordinary musical genius, of whose performance the public Press and all who have heard him, speak in the very highest terms, is announced to appear at the Town-hall on Saturday, the 15th.

Sept 8th 1866:  PURCHASE – We find Mr. JAMES, photographer, of Union-street, has purchased the large and valuable collection of negative plates (carte de visite, groups, and views) belonging to the studio of Mr. SYMONDS, bankrupt; and it contains the fine series of views by Major GORDON, it is gratifying to know the plates will not be removed from the Island.

Sept 8th 1866:  WANTED – Immediately, some boys of respectable parentage for the Choir of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Swanmore, Ryde.  They must have good voices and be able to read.—Apply at the Vestry after Evening Services on Weekdays, or to the Rev. W. A. SMITH, Milford Cottage, 29 Swanmore-road.

Sept 15th 1866:  THURTON’S ODD FOLKS – A large number of persons visited the Town-hall during Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and were delighted with their visit.  From the number who have attended, and the rapturous applause with which the entertainment has been received, Mr THURTON announces a return visit on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next.

Sept 15th 1866:  DOG NUISANCE – On Tuesday last a couple of dogs made their way into Trinity Church and committed some depredations, which created some considerable alarm.  There really appears to be more dogs prowling about the streets of Ryde than in any other place we have visited.

Sept 15th 1866:  PROVIDENTIAL RESCUE – About high water on Friday last a boat belonging to the collier “Sarah” sunk off the east end of Ryde pier, when three men were fortunately rescued by Robert HEWARD and Thomas BUXEY.  It is not the first time that life has been saved by the same parties.

Sept 15th 1866:  ADVERT – TO be SOLD, an old established MILK WALK.—Apply at the “Observer” Office, Ryde.