Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1871

Hampshire Telegraph – Ryde Agent Mr. THURLOW

Sept 6th 1871:  RYDE PIER COMPANY – They have pleasure to announce the completion and opening for traffic of the junction between Ryde Pier and the Isle of Wight Railway.  The line for a short distance is laid temporary along a portion of the Esplanade, but on completion of the enclosure and embankment on the north or sea-side of the Esplanade the permanent line will be completed, and the rails will be removed from the road, except where they cross the Esplanade opposite Cornwall-street.

Sept 9th 1871:  SHOOTING – The prospects for the shooting season are very good throughout the whole Island.  The coveys are large, and the birds strong:  as the crops are being got in fast, we may expect a good day’s sport.  Pheasants are pretty plentiful, as are also hares, whilst the place is infested with rabbits, of which the farmers complain sadly.

Sept 9th 1871:  RYDE REGATTA – In the Tub Race for Ryde boys, First prize of 10s. went to Alfred HUMBY: second of 5s. was Charles RIDGLEY:  the losers all received 2s. 6d. each. There were eight entries.  It was close race, and till within a short distance of the goal the two winners were neck-and-neck.

Sept 9th 1871: SCHOOL BOARD – At the usual monthly meeting of the Board the bye-laws were discussed, and it was stated that the parent of every child not less than five years of age, nor more than thirteen years of age, residing with the district of the Board, shall cause such child to attend school.

Sept 9th 1871:  VOLUNTEER ENCAMPMENT – About 140 of the members of the Isle of Wight administrative battalion of Rifle Volunteers have obtained leave to join the encampment in the New Forest.  Of these some 20 or 25 belong to our own corps.

Sept 9th 1871:  BOROUGH POLICE COURT – Robert HOLLAND and his wife, of Swanmore, were charge with assaulting their next door neighbour, Marina WHITE, on the 1st inst.  As there appeared to have been considerable provocation, the wife was discharged:  HOLLAND was fined 2s. 6d., and costs 5s.

Sept 13th 1871:  DIOCESAN SOCIETY – On Sunday last appeals were made at both the churches in the parish of Ryde, at the request of the Bishop of Winchester, in aid of the funds of the Diocesan Society.  The society was established by the Bishop in order to assist in providing new churches and parsonages, in the education of the poor, in the augmentation of small livings, and in providing additional curates where they are needed.  It has already assisted the parish of Ryde to the extent of £200.

Sept 16th 1871:  CONCERTS – Chevalier LEMMENS, Madame LEMMENS-SHERRINGTON, and their party, gave a couple of concerts at the Town Hall on Wednesday.  The attendance was miserably small.
(Helen Lemmens-Sherrington 1834-1906 was an English Operatic Soprano) – more here

Sept 30th 1871:  ROYAL ISLE OF WIGHT INFIRMARY – The funds of this charity, which were exceedingly low, have been augmented by handsome donations of £100 from “funds of Augustus F LEEDS, Esq.,” and of £50 from “Mrs. John BECKFORD, as a thank-offering for restored health.”  The foundation stone of the new fever wards will, we hear, be laid early in the month of October.

Sept 30th 1871:  BANKRUPTCY – In Re William HARMSWORTH, of Ryde, printer and stationer, a liquidating debtor.  The first meeting of the creditors under a petition for liquidation in this matter was held in the offices of the solicitors in London.