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September 1911

Isle of Wight Observer

Sept 9th 1911: FIRE AT RAILWAY STATION – On Saturday, at about 3 o’clock in the morning, the Ryde Fire Brigade received a call to attend an outbreak of fire at the St. John’s Road Railway Station. They found an engine-shed made of match-boarding and corrugated iron had caught alight. The nearest water main was at the bottom of Well-street, so the hose had to stretch over Mr. YOUNG’s fields to the Station, some 60 yards.

Sept 9th 1911: LOST RING – Promenaders on the Eastern Esplanade on Sunday morning were much interested in the proceedings of a lady and gentleman who were, busily engaged from 9 o’clock till 12′ o’clock with a shovel and sieve, sifting the sand, not unlike Australian gold miners. The gentleman explained that when his three months old wife was bathing, through the cool water causing her fingers to contract, to lose her wedding ring. At noon he gave vent to his feelings, excitedly exclaiming “I’ve got it!”

Sept 16th 1911: HEAT WAVE – The long drought and heat wave came to a sudden stop on Wednesday, much to the delight of a good many people. No place is more in need of a prolonged downpour than Ryde, and no one more anxious to see it than the Water Committee.

Sept 16th 1911: CONGRATULATIONS – Mr. W. T. HAZARD, one of the masters at the Ryde School of Science and Art has received a letter from the I.W. Education Committee congratulating him on the recognition by the Home Secretary of his plucky action in rescuing a child in danger of being run over by a motor car at Ryde some time ago.

Sept 16th 1911: PICTORIAL – Under the title of the varied charms of the Isle of Wight the “Lady’s Pictorial” publishes a number of views of the Island, and among them a large and excellent photograph of the Western Esplanade at Ryde.

Sept 16th 1911: WINTER GARDENS – Every summer will not be so fine as this has been and as visitors are more in need of amusement in showery weather than fine, some such place should be provided. We need not enumerate all the towns where Winter Gardens have been provided, who by this enterprise have outstripped Ryde in the race for popularity. Our Corporation would do well to follow their lead.

Sept 30th 1911: CONDUCTOR – The numerous admirers in Ryde of Mr. B. S. GREEN, the conductor of the Royal Marine Artillery Band will be glad to hear he is to receive the Honorary rank of Lieutenant. The honour which has been conferred upon him is the more significant because it was announced some time ago that it was extremely improbable that any more military bandmasters would receive commissioned rank.

Sept 30th 1911: RYDE BADMINTON CLUB – The annual general meeting took place at the Town Hall on Thursday, September 28th, Captain R. ALEXANDRA presiding. Mr. Wyndham RICKETTS was re-elected Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, and Miss TURNER was elected Assistant Hon. Secretary.

Sept 30th 1911: PRESENTATION – Mr. Stanley PURNELL, the popular hon. secretary of the Ryde Rowing Club, who is about to be married, was on Thursday afternoon presented by the members of the club with a handsome silver entrée dish, they wished Mr. PURNELL every happiness in his future life (applause).

Sept 30th 1911: RESCUE – A Ryde fisherman named WHEELER was at work off Players Copse on Thursday when he saw a young woman on the mud-bank under the shore. Her clothes were saturated with water and she seemed overcome with agitation. The tide was rising at the time and had not WHEELER arrived, she would undoubtedly have been drowned.