Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1967

Isle of Wight Times:

Sept 7th 1967:  POOLS WINNER – Mrs A. ORCHARD, of Ryde, has won £1,961.11s. for one shilling on the League of Spastics Club Pools competition.

Sept 7th 1967:  BELLEVUE PLAYERS – With only a fortnight between two Autumn productions, the Bellevue Players have embarked on a very active 1967-68 season.  The newly-elected social sub-committee on Tuesday held a Carnival Week coffee party at the club rooms, 40 Union Street, to provide funds for Period costumes (being made by members), required for the first play, a comedy “The Noble Spaniard.”

Sept 7th 1967:  VIEWPOINT – Those TV ladies with bovine expressions who beamingly assure margarine firm interviewers: “I can’t tell it from butter” are rare in the Isle of Wight.  The I.W. Consumer Group recently staged a tasting test and found that 92 per cent of participants had no trouble at all detecting which was which.

Sept 14th 1967:  RETURN – The opening of their smart new premises at 22 Union Street, yesterday marked a happy return to Ryde for the Westminster Bank.  On the morning after the night before, when a celebration cocktail party was held, the clink of glasses gave way to the clink of change.

Sept 14th 1967:  GARAGE RAIDED – Thieves broke into Staddlestones Garage, Ashey Road, during Saturday night after smashing a side window.  Said the owner, Mr. John FOSS: “They took a small quantity of cash used as the float–fortunately we always bank the bulk of our money before locking-up at weekends.”  The break-in resulted mostly in “nuisance value” with the premises left in disorder.

Sept 14th 1967:  COMPLAINTS – A Ryde club which has been the subject of repeated complaints about noise has been told that any recurrence may result in action against them under the Noise Abatement Act:  a local bakery has also been warned about noise.

Sept 14th 1967:  HOUSES – Agreement has been reached with Howard FLINT Ltd., who operate a sports clothes and parachute factory at Pell Lane, Ryde, for the provision of council houses for key workers whom the firm are endeavouring to recruit.

Sept 14th 1967:  FOOTBALLING GIRLS – “Oakfield Dreamers,” group of girls who staged a float with a footballing theme, really are forming a team.  With 18-year-old Julie LAVERS as their captain, the girls will issue challenges to local Island League sides.  “We’ll play anyone,” they told the “I.W. Times.”

Sept 14th 1967:  YELLOW PERIL – It began in Ryde as something of a rash, breaking out here and there in spasms.  Then the condition worsened, and signs of it appeared on practically every street.  “We have got to do something about it—the yellow peril is getting completely out of hand!“ declared Cllr. Harry JOLLIFFE, he was referring to the ever-increasing number of yellow “No Parking” lines creeping along the kerbs.

Sept 21st 1967:  BIRTHDAY – Senior of five generations, Mr. Charles Henry Ralph COOPER, will go out for his daily walk this morning to see his friends, before making his way home to celebrate his 100th birthday quietly, with a few members of his family.  He is well remembered amongst the older generation in Ryde, as the man who drove VANNER’s horse-drawn town bus over 40 years ago.

Sept 21st 1967:  GARDEN SHOW – Binstead W.I. annual garden show, held on Saturday at the Methodist Hall, proved a delightful display, reflecting the many and varied interests of members and friends in the different classes for flowers and fruit, preserves, cookery and handicrafts.

Sept 21st 1967:  MOPEDS – A. N. CLARK Ltd., of Binstead, Ryde, whose telescopic masts sell all over the world, are launching into the production of mopeds and introducing new industry to the Island.  The moped—to be called Scamp—will be a 49 cc machine, incorporating the best features of all existing types.