Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 1974

Isle of Wight County Press:

Sep 7th 1974:  WOMEN’S GAS FEDERATION – Mrs. Lynette ARCHER of Newport, was guest speaker at the Ryde branch meeting at the Southern gas demonstration room on Monday.  She traced the history of postcards from their introduction in the last century and showed many interesting cards from her collection.

Sep 7th 1974:  TREE BLAZE – Ryde Fire Brigade were called by a passer-by to extinguish a blazing tree in a garden at Pitt Street, Haylands, on Monday.

Sep 7th 1974:  LAST WEDDING – The last wedding service at Ryde United Reformed Church, Haylands, took place on Saturday.  For the 120-year-old building is soon to vacated for the new United Reformed Church at Beechgrove, Haylands.

Sep 7th 1974:  SEA CADETS – Our Blackburn unit has just spent a most enjoyable week as guests of Ryde S.C.C.  We were made to feel very welcome and everything possible was done to ensure our comfort. We as an inshore unit, of course, envy Ryde unit’s facilities with regard sailing, etc., but when we heard of the rent the unit has to pay, we were amazed.  Surely the local authority could assist Ryde S.C.C. and remove the burden of the crippling rent from them.

Sep 7th 1974:  ISLAND GROUP – One of the Island’s leading pop groups, Ohio, have had high sales of their latest single release, “Anyway You Can.”  It was released in June.  The group appears regularly at La Babalu Club, Ryde, and other Island nightspots.  The record has resulted in several offers of work in Portsmouth, London and Southampton.

Sep 14th 1974:  NEW ROLE – Comedian Billy WHITTAKER will shortly take up his new appointment as entertainments and publicity officer for Medina Borough Council.  Mr. WHITTAKER is currently appearing with his wife, Mimi LAW, in the Show of Shows at Ryde Esplanade Pavilion.  Together they have produced and starred in the show for the past three years.

Sep 14th 1974:  PUBLIC OPEN SPACE – The churchyard at St. Thomas’ Church, Ryde, will become an open space for public use if Medina Borough Council can successfully complete negotiations with the owners, the Church Society Trust.  The Friends of St. Thomas’ Church are negotiating separately to acquire the 19th century building.

Sep 14th 1974:  CRASHING TREES – One of the most spectacular effects of the storm occurred on Saturday evening at Ryde, when a huge sycamore tree in a garden at Appley crashed on to a neighbouring bungalow.  Mr. and Mrs. CHALKLEY were indoors at Marina Avenue when the tree hit the roof, tearing away over 200 tiles and guttering.  Part of the sycamore snapped off and crashed through rear bedroom windows.

Sep 14th 1974:  ANTIQUES FAIR – Four Island dealers were among 12 occupying 14 stands at the second annual I.W. Antiques Fair which opened at the Prince Consort, Ryde, on Thursday week and ended on Saturday.  Featuring furniture, glass, porcelain, silver, pictures, and jewellery, the exhibits, filling two large rooms at the hotel, had an overall approximate value of £100,000.

Sep 14th 1974:  SUGAR SUPPLIES -The unfairness of the present system of rationing of sugar existing in most local stores—one 2lb. bag per customer, this allows both one or two-person families and much larger families one bag of sugar, which is ridiculous.

Sep 21st 1974:  BUSES CANCELLED – A shortage of conductors and conductresses was responsible for the cancellation of several buses out of Ryde on Saturday afternoon and evening.  Passengers complained when buses failed to run, and one vehicle left Ryde bus station for Newport at about five o’clock without a conductor, the fares being paid at the bus station.