Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Mapping – Key to Indexes

The graves shown in the alpha indexes are those where a surname is either known or recorded from IW Bereavement Services Records. The maps show the location of many more graves and the legend Sheet indicates how the various types of grave are indicated.

Due to the fact the graves do not line up with the grid reference lines, some liberties have had to be taken with grid references as parts of some graves are in adjacent squares (for example A1/A2). There are examples where a single grave is actually in four adjacent squares.

The column headings record the following details:

Surname of the occupant/s of the grave.

The forenames of the occupant/s of the grave if known.

Source of the names. ‘Grave’ indicates that the name has been read from the grave, either a headstone, kerbstone or the marker. ‘Records’ indicates that the name is derived from IW Bereavement Services Records.

‘Marker’ indicates that there is a marker of some kind to indicate the location of a grave. ‘No Marker’ indicates that there is either no indication of the location of a grave or only a depression or mound on the ground. ‘Obscured’ indicates that the grave is either wholly or partly obscured by foliage of some kind.

The section of the cemetery in which the grave is located.

Plot Number where known.

Map No
The RSHG map number on which the location of the grave is indicated.

Reference to the grid square on the relevant map.

Date of Death or Burial
The date of death or burial recorded on either the grave marker or from official records.