Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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January 2017 Biographical details added

Gabell's Printing Office (back entrance in Church Lane)

In January, our busy research team added 41 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr William Gabell,  a well-known townsman. He started a printing business at 43 Union Street.  Mr. Gabell was correspondent for the Hampshire Independent for many years, and his trenchant comments upon local affairs attracted considerable attention.  He was at his best when denouncing some wrong, or pointing out the mistakes of the “powers that be.”

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AISH Harriet. 03.11.1903.

BAKER Amy. 14.09.1969.

BANNISTER Edmund Thomas Charles. 11.05.1962.

BEARD Annie. 22.01.1926.

BEATON Caroline Agnes. 30.01.1934.

BEDDOES Edna Mary. 24.12.1941.

BRIDLE Gordon Ralph (RN). 09.09.1940.

BRIDLE Arthur Herbert. 09.09.1970.

BURT Edmund Wigley (Capt RN). 13.06.1926.

BUTTERWORTH Archibald William (Capt). 22.02.1942.

CARTER Mary Louisa. 05.03.1936.

CLUITT Reginald. 06.08.1961.

COLES Gladys Marian Quin (Doreen). 09.11.2005.

COOMBES Albert John. 20.09.1909.

CRUISE Maria Priscilla. Nov. 1925.

FORTESCUE John Charles William (Col). 05.03.1891.

GABELL William. 09.05.1890.

GIRDWOOD John. 21.11.1916.

GEORGE Hugh. 11.11.1886.

GOBLE Edward Charles. 02.11.1952.

HAYLES Amy Bertha. 20.04.1954.

HAYWARD Roy Edward. 05.05.1956.

HENRY George Palmer. 25.10.1893.

HERBERT Charles Henry. 08.12.1961.

JOLLIFFE Marie. 21.05.1944.

LOUIS Ermerlinda. Oct 1926.

MASON George Richard. 19.11.1941.

MATTICK Harry. 20.02.1942.

SELF Henrietta. 01.08.1971.

SMITH Alfred William. 14.03.1941.

SNOW Charles Henry. 12.12.1924.

SNUDDEN Thomas. 17.03.1941.

STAYNER Laurence George (Lieut-Col). 27.11.1944.

STRATTON Maud. 18.12.1941.

SWEETMAN Nellie Edith. 23.05.1887.

VARDY Florence Isabella Prudence Louise. Dec 1964.

WHITE Emily Winifred. 28.11.1941.

WIX Edward (Fthr). 24.11.1866.

WORTHINGTON-WILMER Louis (Col). 08.01.1923.

WRIGHT Charles William Harold. 04.03.1966.

WRIGHT John Thomas. 09.10.1927.

Image source: Photo by Broderick from the RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection