Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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May 2017 Biographical details added

Crimean medal with Sebastopol clasp

In May, our busy research team added 37 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Major Henry William Dennie. He was in the Crimean during the winter months of 1854, when the British troops suffered such dreadful hardships and died in hundreds of cold and want.

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BASKETT Thomas. 28.05.1852.

BENTLEY Helena. 21.09.1938.

BESSANT Rose. 12.06.1938.

BISHOP George Edwin. 29.01.1975.

BURMAN Alice. 29.07.1936.

CHAPPELL Ellen. Feb 1956.

COOPER Frederick Arthur. 21.03.1954.

DALE Frank Jonathan. 04.10.1942.

DENNIE Henry William (Major). 01.02.1901.

DYER George. May 1947.

GOBLE Edward Charles. 02.11.1952.

GRANT Ebenezer William. April 1945.

GRANT Naomi. Nov 1961.

GRANT Sylvanus Alfred. Feb 1955.

GRIFFITHS Richard Robert. 15.01.1940.

HAGAN Mary Ann. 18.06.1964.

JACKSON Winifred Jessie. 02.01.1970.

KEY May Rossetta. 26.09.1976.

LEWIS Sarah Jane. 14.02.1956.

LLOYD Jane Elizabeth. 02.01.1963.

ORCHARD Arthur Claude John. 14.04.1964.

REEVES Iris Winifred Joan. July 1934.

RICHARDS Lewis Laurence (Capt). 02.04.1917.

RICHARDS Mary Jane. 28.10.1946.

RYALL Mildred Elizabeth. 19.11.1934.

SHAWYER Caroline Ellen. 15.03.1941.

SKINNER Frances Phoebe. 08.05.1967.

STEWARD Eleanor Isobel Emily. 12.01.1929.

STROUD Arthur Edward. 28.01.1934.

TRUCKEL Edith Florence. Sept 1976.

VINCENT Jean Baine. 05.11.1938.

WALKDEN Annie Fannie. 22.06.1939.

WAY Albert. 22.01.1927.

WELSH Ella Myra. 28.01.1967.

WHITE Ada Annie. 24.12.1969.

WOOLLEY Lucy Eugenie. 06.05.1967.

WRIGHT Reginald Victor. 18.12.1969.

image source: Wikipedia