Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 2017 Biographical details added

Mission Ship Eirene

In April, our busy research team added 43 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr. John Jenkins, who for nearly 40 years had been associated with the work of Missions to Seamen. Mr. Jenkins’s last illness began with the wreck of the Mission’s little motor-yawl Eirene, off Ryde Pier in 1928.

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BAKER Robert. 21.09.1867.

BIGGS George St. John. 08.12.1932.

BURRAWAY Edward. 17.07.1969.

CHURCHILL John James. 12.09.1912.

CLIVE Mary Ann. 13.07.1867.

COOK Frederick. 07.12.1929.

CORBETT Gordon Hector. 24.05.1961.

CORNEY Joseph Edwin. 22.12.1964.

DAVIS Arthur. 08.07.1957.

DEATH Eliza. 28.03.1935.

DOUGLAS Patricia Margaret. 27.01.2000.

FEBEN Oscar James. 22.04.1942.

FORSTER Penelope Susan Harriet Frances. 30.06.1898.

GIRDWOOD Agnes Julia. 01.04.1915.

GRISDALE Edith Elsie Lilian. 09.04.1941.

HAINES Fanny Benbow. 18.10.1956.

HUNTER Elizabeth Hannah. 09.08.1927.

JENKINS John. 12.01.1929.

KERRIDGE Arthur Frederick Alexander. Sept 1963.

KERRIDGE Dora. 21.11.1971.

KIRKMAN Louisa. 12.09.1855.

LACEY Mary. 28.01.1948.

LEAL Clara. 12.05.1957.

MILLS Frederick. 26.11.1966.

MOODY Edith Mary. 24.02.1942.

MULLARD Rosa. 09.07.1957.

NORRIE Doris May. 18.09.1953.

ORCHARD Octavia Lady Alicia. 12.07.1940.

PATTISON Lilly Gibson. 29.09.1957.

PINK George Henry (Harry). 17.01.1956.

PRAGNELL Thomas James. 03.12.1938.

RANN Bertram Victor. 19.02.1956.

REEVES Norman Samuel. 21.08.1923.

RUTHERFORD Mary Rebecca. 11.10.1912.

SIVELL Arthur Frederick Charles. 01.07.1977.

SMITH John Rowland. 24.01.1938.

SMITH Leonard (Len). 07.03.1953.

SPANNER Caroline Ann. 1855.

STRANGE Edwin Henry. 25.11.1887.

STREET Jane. 1846.

THORNTON Thomas Henry. 08.07.1934.

WARREN Elizabeth Lilian Mary. 05.10.1966.

WHITEWAY Elizabeth. 13.05.1957.

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