Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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November 2019 Biographical details added

Oakfield Primary School prior to demolition

In November, our busy research team added 53 biographical records to names on the website, including that of  John Peter Gassiot, port wine merchant and amateur scientist, whose son Charles Gassiot, had Gassiot School (Oakfield C.E. Primary) built in his father’s memory and gave the land to the diocese in 1878.

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ATTRILL Mary Ann. 30.06.1936.

AYLES Arthur William Thomas. 18.06.1919.

BROOKS Frederick. 30.07.1919.

CHESSELL Annie. 05.01.1959.

CLIVE Sidney Herbert (child). 30.06.1842.

DIMMER Thirza Rose. March 1932.

ERSKINE WHITE Caroline Mary. 17.01.1941.

FISHER Mary Ellen. 19.05.1940.

FRENCH John (child). 07.04.1910.

GASSIOT John Peter. 15.08.1877featured name

GAWN Edith Buchanan. 11.04.1975.

HAPGOOD Charles. 23.12.1933.

HARVEY Gertrude Eleanor. 27.06.1963.

HAYWARD Sarah Elizabeth. 22.11.1954.

HILDITCH Wilfred Henry. 23.06.1965.

HUNT Kate. 15.06.1919.

ISHERWOOD Mary Ann. 22.11.1966.

JACKSON Florence Amelia. 03.03.1967.

JACOBS Ada Louisa. 03.06.1939.

JEFFERY Alfred Arthur. 12.10.1957.

JOHNSON James Lewis. 14.02.1931.

LINNETT Maria. 21.04.1950.

LIST Daniel. 17.11.1868.

LIST Martha Harriet. 11.07.1885.

LIST Unity. 07.10.1856.

LLOYD Ada Alice. 10.06.1967.

MEW Mary Christiana. 01.08.1968.

MURSELL Norah Kathleen. August 1979.

OVERMAN Robert Henry. 17.04.1868.

PHILLIPS Ethel May. 06.08.1960.

PLOWMAN Minnie Ada Birchett. 09.05.1932.

RICHARDS George. October 1953.

RICHARDS Mary Ann. March 1953.

RICHARDS Walter (Pte). 27.10.1919.

ROWE Emma. 14.08.1961.

RUSTELL Henry. May 1877.

RYALL Frank. 26.07.1926.

SALTER John. 29.01.1906.

SANDEMAN Frederick James. 09.03.1966.

SAUNDERS Janet. 30.09.1900.

SAVILL Arthur William. 01.10.1951.

SIBLEY Maria. 10.06.1910.

SMITH Rose. 28.06.1957.

VARDY Florence Agnes Hill. January 1957.

WAKEFORD Harry. 06.11.1897.

WEBB Mary Jane. 16.08.1956.

WEEKS Elizabeth Ann. 17.07.1935.

WHITE Constantine George (child). 11.05.1895.

WHITE Jane. 12.09.1930.

WHITTINGTON William. 16.04.1868.

WOOD Elizabeth. 13.08.1921.

YEATS Annie Ryder. 06.09.1936.

YOUNG Elsie Gertrude. 12.06.1929.

image source: RSHG Archive