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December 2019 Biographical details added

Royal Victoria Yacht Club (later known as the Prince Consort)

In December, our busy research team added 45 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Lieut.-Col. John Edward Rhodes.  At the Royal Victoria Y.C., Ryde, he was a highly esteemed member and had been chairman of the
managing and sailing committees for a great many years, and was the principal race officer at their regattas for a very long period.

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AGATE Mary Ann. 16.07.1941.

BEATON Juliana Elizabeth. 09.09.1900.

BLAINE Mary Ann. 15.09.1948.

BLAKE Alice. 12.10.1940.

BLOOMFIELD Francis Barrington. 07.07.1946.

BURTON William John Robert. 23.06.1948.

COCHRAN Alice Jane. 05.04.1958.

COOPER George. 11.01.1845.

DRUDGE Emily. 09.06.1960.

GAFFEY John Joseph. 27.07.1937.

GATRELL Eliza Emily. 07.09.1949.

GAWN Bertrum Charles. 26.02.1960.

GREEN Mary Elizabeth. 10.08.1948.

HARRIS Olive Mary Annie (child). 28.12.1918.

JACKSON Ada May. 29.05.1956.

JAMES Elizabeth Fanny. 12.03.1950.

JAMES Frederick Thomas William. 14.01.1951.

JAMES Frederick William. 03.11.1960.

KERRIDGE Florence Ann Harriet. 08.12.1949.

KEWELL George. 29.07.1955.

KING Alfred Charles. 13.02.1922.

LEAL Harriett. 07.03.1935.

LININGTON William Henry (child). 24.08.1893.

LOCK Ernest Charles Henry. 10.05.1935.

LOCKE Ivon Horace. 27.02.1950.

MAIR Elizabeth. 10.12.1962.

MARVIN Gertrude Sophia. 25.07.1923.

MUNDAY Theresa Phyllis (child). 19.12.1921.

MURRAY Mary Margaret. 14.12.1921.

NORRIS Walter Edward. March 1948.

ORCHARD Albert Harold. 05.09.1940.

ORCHARD Caroline Louisa. 25.07.1950.

PHILLIPS Alfred. 29.05.1956.

RHODES John Edward. 06.02.1947.  featured name

ROWE Charlotte Elizabeth. 19.01.1951.

SCOVELL Eliza. 06.06.1876.

SPENCER Mary Ann. 05.02.1950.

SQUIBB Jane Mary. 09.09.1923.

SUTTON Beatrice Sophie. 06.08.1960.

SWEETMAN Minnie. 30.07.1969.

VANNER Emma. 24.04.1937.

WEBB Mary Jane. 16.08.1956.

WHEELER John. 21.08.1948.

WOODS Elizabeth Jane. 23.05.1869.

WOODS Herbert George. 10.04.1964.

Image source: RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection