Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight County Press: Sept 5th 1970:  POP FESTIVAL – The organisers of the pop festival at East Afton, Freshwater, stated at the weekend that it would be the last such event they would hold on the Island.  Estimates of the attendance varied from 150,000 to 400,000.  The presence of so large a gathering

Isle of Wight County Press: Aug 1st 1970:  GUIDE SPORTS – The Ryde District guide sports were held at Caversham House School on Thursday week when sprint, three-legged, relay and novelty races were held.  The winners were the 5th Ryde (Holy Trinity) Company with 59 points.  Mrs. K. PHILLIPS (district commissioner) presented the cup to

Isle of Wight County Press: July 4th 1970:  HOSPITAL – The Royal I.W. County Hospital, Guild of Past Patients has raised £2700.  The money has gone into building and equipping the Island’s most advanced coronary care unit at the hospital.  The three-bed unit was officially opened on Tuesday when Mrs. S. R. BIRD, guild chairman,

Isle of Wight County Press: June 6th 1970:  BUILDING SITES – The safety officer for the I.W. Building Safety Association writes: Every year there are a large number of incidents, out of working hours, when children frequenting and playing on building sites cause accidents, quite often fatal.  These same children are also often responsible for

Isle of Wight Times: May 7th 1970:  BACK DOWN – Most people in Ryde have come to the conclusion that in clashes between the Borough Council and local taxi drivers, the taximen always win.  The latest instance when taxi drivers threatened to boycott a new rank provided as part of the town’s sea front development

Isle of Wight Times: Apr 2nd 1970:  RESTORATION – Two workmen from London have made a start on restoring the stonework in the north section of Holy Trinity Parish Church.  Enough money has been raised to pay for the work, but not enough to cover contingencies. Of the amount raised so far, £60 has been

Isle of Wight Times: Mar 5th 1970:  REFUGEE CHILDREN – Members of eight Ryde families waited anxiously at the pierhead on Tuesday for the arrival of refugee children from Dortmund, Germany, who are staying with them for the next two months.  Mayfield and Swanmore Schools have taken a great interest in the I.H.C. scheme to

Isle of Wight Times: Feb 5th 1970:  FLUORIDATION – Surely there can be no worthier claimant for the title of “Non-Event of 1970” than the formation of the Anti-Fluoridation Group described by a correspondent last week.  When there is so much that needs to be done in our community to help those who are less

Isle of Wight Times: Jan 1st 1970:  SCENES ON TV – Aerial views of Island scenes were shown in John BETJEMAN’s Christmas Day television programme on BBC 2 entitled “Beside The Seaside.”  These included the Prince Consort, Ryde (formerly the Royal Victoria Yacht Club headquarters), Osborne House and Cottage, and the Royal National Hospital, St.

Isle of Wight Times: Dec 4th 1969:  SEE WHAT’S COOKING – On Wednesday evening 26 members of Ryde Young Wives’ and Friends’ Group visited the Island Bakeries, Binstead.  Mr. FELLS and Mr. HARRIS were the guides around the bakery, and every member was given a loaf and a dough cake. Dec 4th 1969:  FILM SHOW