Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times: Dec 4th 1969:  SEE WHAT’S COOKING – On Wednesday evening 26 members of Ryde Young Wives’ and Friends’ Group visited the Island Bakeries, Binstead.  Mr. FELLS and Mr. HARRIS were the guides around the bakery, and every member was given a loaf and a dough cake. Dec 4th 1969:  FILM SHOW

Isle of Wight Times: Nov 6th 1969:  MUSIC – Though not ones to blow their own trumpets, Teagues of Ryde now claim, with justification, to be the most comprehensive “music shop” in the Island. After 115 years in business, Teagues are “in the groove” as far as providing first class service is concerned, without being

Isle of Wight Times: Oct 2nd 1969:  MINI FETE – Four Ryde children staged a “mini-fete” to raise money for toys for the children’s ward of the Royal I.W. County Hospital.  Last year the children got together on a similar project and gave the money to nearby St. Michael’s Church.  This time the fete raised

Isle of Wight Times: Sept 4th 1969:  GOOD OR BAD – Ryde Council ‘Talk-In’ on Festival ‘Love-In,’ would the Island be wise to welcome another Pop Festival?  Some in official circles think the “love-in” scenes at Woodside Bay were reminiscent of “the back streets of Port Said,” but others seem to believe that the overall

Isle of Wight Times: Aug 7th 1969:  ROUND THE ISLAND SWIM – Kevin MURPHY, a 20-year-old journalist of Wembley, will attempt the 60-mile swim on an anti-clockwise route around the Island coastline.  He sets out at 6.45 a.m. on Friday.  The company Bovril, who had a support programme organised within hours, is supplying a launch

APOLOGY – Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able at this time, to bring you the snippets for the month of July 1969. Instead, below are some from 1928, which is one of the years “in between” the usual looking back 50, 100, and 150. Isle of Wight Times 15 March 1928: 

Isle of Wight County Press: Jun 7th 1969:  SEA RESCUE SCHEME – With the sounding of the maroon alarm, Ryde Sea Rescue organisation went into action on Thursday when a motor-vessel from Portsmouth Royal Navy Shore Establishment broke down in Spithead in the vicinity of the Sturrbridge Buoy.  The craft with a naval officer and

Isle of Wight County Press: May 3rd 1969:  GYMKHANA – There were nearly 500 entries for the first event of the season at Ashey Road, Ryde, on Saturday. The windy conditions and swaying “wings” may have distracted the efforts of many newcomers, for it was the experienced Muddoon, with Miss BUTLER, of Bembridge, and Miss

Isle of Wight County Press: Apr 5th 1969:  TRAFFIC DANGERS – If one is to judge by the frequency with which cars proceed in a westerly direction for the full length of both Lind Street and Garfield Road to turn left into West Street against the one-way traffic flow —it would suggest that the relevant

Isle of Wight Times: Mar 6th 1969:  RACES – Motor-cycle races on the beach at Ryde.  That is the suggestion of the I.W. Motor-cycle Club, the town’s Parks and Entertainments Committee was told on Thursday, when they agreed to meet club representatives to consider the idea in detail.  Ald. CAPLE said he did not think