Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight County Press: Oct 2nd 1971:  PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY – At the annual general meeting, members recorded their thanks to Mrs. Arthur DUNFORD for her generous gift of a piano to be used for rehearsals at the town hall.  Mr. David MACKENZIE (conductor) reported that the last season’s concerts had been received well by

Isle of Wight County Press: Sept 4th 1971:  HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT – Even if the sun failed to shine; even if you found others at your favourite café table or picnic spot; even if the wind blew too keenly for sunbathing or too boisterously for an enjoyable sail; even if you did lose money

Isle of Wight County Press: Aug 7th 1971:  HOSPITAL CLUB FETE – Takings amounted to about £255 at the Royal I.W. County Hospital Sports and Social Club annual fete in the grounds of the Nurses’ Home on Saturday.  A donation is to be made to the hospital coronary care unit.  Tradespeople in the town contributed

Isle of Wight County Press: July 3rd 1971:  COMPLAINT – The Public Works Committee reported that letters had been received from residents of Oakfield referring to the council’s proposed purchase of the scrapyard in High Street, Oakfield, and to the fact that it was understood that the present owner of the scrapyard proposed to move

Isle of Wight County Press: June 5th 1971:  CAR FOR NUN’S VISIT – Sister Cecilia, of the Presentation Convent, points out that the car which will enable her and another nun to carry out visiting at Parkhurst Prison with greater facility, was not bought after a public appeal but with donations from personal friends. June

Isle of Wight County Press: May 1st 1971:  PERFORMANCE – At the Ryde Philharmonic Society’s performance, conducted by David MACKERSIE, on Thursday the orchestra was there, and to good purpose.  Led by Flora MULLER they put colour back into the score, and every aspect of the performance achieved a vibrant vitality; not the kind of

Isle of Wight County Press: Apr 3rd 1971:  RYDEIANS – Mr. K. N. SYMONDS, headmaster, Mr. WILCOX and 23 old boys attended the annual meeting of the Old Rydeians’ Association and a sausage and mash supper at Dean House Hotel.  The association which started in 1923 with five members, has now risen to 432, and

Isle of Wight County Press: Mar 6th 1971:  COXWAIN’S ADVICE – On Saturday the I.W. Angling Club held their annual dinner-dance at the Oasis Ballroom at Ryde, when a large collection of trophies was on show.  Mr. Peter SMITH, coxswain of Bembridge lifeboat, was principal guest and speaker.  He referred to the three or four

Isle of Wight County Press: Feb 6th 1971:  WINEMAKER’S – With a company of more than 80, the third annual dinner of Ryde Amateur Winemaker’s Circle at the Osborne Oasis on Saturday was the best attended and most successful of this flourishing young club.  The circle is now firmly established, with monthly meetings attended by

Isle of Wight County Press: Jan 2nd 1971:  BID TO SAVE CHURCH – A group known as the Friends of St. Thomas’s are fighting to save Ryde’s oldest Anglican church, St Thomas’s, from demolition.  They have been in touch with Alderman Mark WOODNUTT, M.P., who has referred it to the Minister for the Environment.  The