Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- Aug 1st 1963: RED FACES – Breakfasting guests at the Appley Hotel, Ryde, watched fascinated as a red fox was chased about the hotel grounds by a red-haired policeman. PC Ronald SHORT was an appropriate (not to say obvious) choice to be given the task of catching the animal after a

Isle of Wight Times:- July 4th 1963: ST. DUNSTAN’S – Three hundred who lost their sight in two world wars yesterday made a trip from the St. Dunstan’s Home at Brighton, to Ryde. It was a big-hearted effort by the grocers of Brighton and the Island which was behind the outing. They were welcomed at

Isle of Wight Times:- Jun 6th 1963: BELLEVUE PLAYERS – A “crime wave” hit the Esplanade Pavilion on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, when the Bellevue Players presented “A breath of spring,” a comedy by Peter COKE. Played with verve by a competent, close-knit team, this highly amusing, if somewhat incredible story brought to a happy

Isle of Wight Times:- May 2nd 1963: HIAWATHA – A large and enthusiastic audience attended at the Ryde Town Hall on Thursday to hear the Borough of Ryde Philharmonic Society present “Hiawatha”. It was heard regularly in the years before the war, in fact the Ryde society have given several performances, the first in 1908.

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 11th 1963: HOUSE NAMES – “I know its all the vogue to give your house a name instead of a number,” Ryde’s Head Postmaster was referring to a growing problem, which was giving a headache to the poor old postmen. It meant traipsing the full length of the street to

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 7th 1963: OPEN TOP BUSES – An open top bus service may operate in Ryde during the summer if a Southern Vectis Omnibus Co. application is granted. The company has applied for one to commence at the Canoe Lake and run via the Esplanade, George-street, Cross-street, Union-street and back to

Isle of Wight Times:- Feb 14th 1963: BAND – Mr. Enos S. BROWN of Dingle Nook, Kings-road, Binstead, who was recently appointed musical director of Ryde Borough Band, is a valuable addition to their ranks. One of the country’s best-known figures in “brass-banding,” he came to the Island a year ago. Feb 14th 1963: POSTMEN

Isle of Wight Times Jan 3rd 1963: SNOWFALL – After one of the worst snowfalls in living memory, the Island slithered and skidded into the New Year. A blizzard piled the white flakes deep across roads, railways and rooftops, bringing public transport to a standstill and isolating towns and villages. Jan 3rd 1963: RAILWAYS -The

Isle of Wight Times:- Dec 6th 1962: BREAK-IN – Police are puzzled over a raid on Messrs. POLLARD & RAMAGE, photographic chemists, in Ryde High-street during Tuesday night. Thieves who got in through a rear window ignored valuable stock and optical equipment. Instead they took 2s.6d. from the till, some collection boxes placed on the

Isle of Wight Times:- Nov 1st 1962: UNUSUAL MESSAGE – “Come quickly there’s a fire in this phone box !” When a man saw a hedge blazing on Ryde sea front and rushed to a telephone box to dial 999 on Monday evening, he found the kiosk full of smoke too—someone had set light to