Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times: Dec 7th 1967:  SCHOOL – Lack of adequate facilities, to the extent that once again speech day had to be held at Ryde Town Hall, continues to aggravate Bishop Lovett Secondary School.  This was made clear by the Headmaster, Mr. V. P. EVANS, who yesterday told a large audience: “Each year

Isle of Wight Times: Nov 2nd 1967: BELLEVUE PLAYERS – This is too good a company ever to turn in a really bad performance; even their off-days produce a standard which many amateur groups would be proud.  The only trouble with this is, Audiences—and critics—come to expect possibly too much from them. Nov 2nd 1967: 

Isle of Wight Times: Oct 5th 1967:  GAS FEDERATION – Mr. Stephen ROSS the Island Liberal candidate, gave a talk on antiques to members of the Women’s Gas Federation, at their monthly meeting, held at the Southern Gas Showrooms on Monday.  Mrs. M. WEBSTER, in charge of social activities, described a recent trip to Windsor

Isle of Wight Times: Sept 7th 1967:  POOLS WINNER – Mrs A. ORCHARD, of Ryde, has won £1,961.11s. for one shilling on the League of Spastics Club Pools competition. Sept 7th 1967:  BELLEVUE PLAYERS – With only a fortnight between two Autumn productions, the Bellevue Players have embarked on a very active 1967-68 season.  The

Isle of Wight Times: Aug 3rd 1967:  BLACK SHEEP – When his “sheep” occasionally stray from their “fold” it is the duty of the clergyman to round them up and put them on the right path once more.  The Rector of Binstead, the Rev. Clifford TARGETT has had to face this problem more than once. 

July 6th 1967:  POLICEMEN – Thanks to the Island’s police, the exhausting job of keeping the traffic moving with the minimum of delay at the Industries Fair, was accomplished with deceptive ease.  In weather which fluctuated from driving rain to sweltering heat, they did their job in an efficient and polite manner. July 6th 1967: 

Isle of Wight Times:- June 1st 1967:  DIDN’T HARK THE BARK – A spirited display by Brandy, the poodle guard-dog at the Commercial Inn, Oakfield High Street, went unheeded on Friday.  In the small hours, Brandy became restless and woke his mistress.  Brandy kept growling, but was told not to make a fuss.  The licensee

Isle of Wight Times: May 4th 1967:  BELLEVUE PLAYERS – It was in April 1946 that the Bellevue Players staged their first performance (“Poison Pen”) under the producership of their founder—the late Mrs Madelaine COOPER (then Miss PLENINGER), at the Esplanade Pavilion, and they have played there every Easter since in addition to many other

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 13th 1967:  WALK-OUT – Work at a Ryde firm which makes engine parts for Rolls Royce halted on Monday afternoon when 150 men and women staged an unofficial walk-out after three fettlers were given notice to quit at the end of the week.  Representing 80 per cent of the labour

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 2nd 1967:  THIRD RAIL GOES LIVE – Proving trials of electric trains began on the Island yesterday when the current was switched on over the 8½ miles of new electrified railway between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin.  Seven-coach trains of former London Transport underground stock which has been adapted and