Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Hampshire Telegraph: (agent at Ryde – Mr. THURLOW) Oct 1st 1870:  TALLOW WORKS – The Count A. R. METAXA having called the attention of the Home Secretary to a nuisance caused by the tallow works at Ryde, has received the following copy of a letter through Mr. Secretary Bruce which he received from the Local

Hampshire Telegraph: (agent at Ryde – Mr. THURLOW) Sept 3rd 1870:  PERFORMANCES – Two amateur performances in aid of the Royal Isle of Wight Infirmary were given on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the Ryde Theatre Royal.  The performers were the Hon. Mrs. and Miss PETRE and the officers of the Royal Artillery stationed in

Hampshire Telegraph: (agent at Ryde – Mr. THURLOW) Aug 3rd 1870:  ANNUAL TREAT – On Friday afternoon the children attending St. James’s Schools, to the number of about three hundred, had their annual treat in the park-like grounds of Appley House. Aug 3rd 1870:  CONCERT – On Friday evening a grand amateur concert, under distinguished

Isle of Wight Observer: July 2nd 1870:  TREAT – On Tuesday last, Miss RAINE, of Haylands House, gave a tea to all the girls, 40 in number, attached to the St. Michael’s (Swanmore) Sunday School.  The repast being over, all adjourned to the grounds, and amused themselves with various games, until nearly 8 o’clock, after

Isle of Wight Observer: June 4th 1870:  DR CUMMING AT RYDE – This well-known controversialist was announced to give a lecture at the Victoria-rooms, on Wednesday, but he seems to have worn out his welcome in Ryde, for there were only a handful of people to listen to his address.  We have heard of the

Isle of Wight Observer: May 7th 1870:  FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – The Marquis and Marchioness of Exeter have returned to their residence, Brookfield;  Sir George and Lady INNES have taken Elmhurst, St. John’s Park, for a year, and will arrive this month;  Major and Mrs. BENNETT have taken Percy Lodge for a year. May 7th 1870: 

Isle of Wight Observer: Apr 2nd 1870:  ST. JOHN’S CHURCH – In consequence of the rapid increase of the population in the St. John’s district, a consultation has been held with the architect, and it has been proposed to extend two transepts 15ft. wide each, thereby affording 100 additional sittings.  Also, the desirability of providing

Isle of Wight Observer: Mar 5th 1870:  THE VOLUNTEERS – Ensign J. H. HEARN has presented the sum of £5 to be shot for at the next competition for prizes, the object being to enable the winner to go to Wimbledon at the next annual competition. Mar 5th 1870:  COLLISION – A collision at sea

Isle of Wight Observer: Feb 5th 1870:  ISLE OF WIGHT LACE – Our townsman, Mr. FAIREY, has received a letter, of which the following is a copy: “Lady Caroline BARRINGTON has pleasure in informing Mr. FAIREY that the Queen desires an Isle of Wight lace frock to be worked for the Royal Princess Victoria of

Isle of Wight Observer: Jan 1st 1870:  SUCCESSFUL OPERATION – A very formidable operation was performed on Sunday last at Swanmore-road by one of our leading practitioners, who does not wish his name to be known as the operator.  A girl named ARMSTEAD had been suffering for some time and amputation of the hip joint