Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times: Dec 5th 1968:  GAS FEDERATION – At the monthly meeting of the Women’s Gas Federation, held on Monday at the Southern Gas demonstration room, High Street, a Christmas party with games was enjoyed, with committee members serving the refreshments.  Thirteen competition prizes were awarded and the charity box was opened and

Isle of Wight Times: Nov 7th 1968:  CARNIVAL TREAT – The 350 children who took part in Ryde “Children’s Day” carnival procession this year, were entertained on Thursday at The Plaza Cinema, with a film show arranged by the Carnival Committee.  They were also presented with a bag of sweets each. Nov 7th 1968:  “HALLOWEEN

Isle of Wight Times: Oct 3rd 1968:  LAST POST – On Sunday, Mr. Percy Thomas BUNNELL—known as “Bill”—retired after nearly 10 years as Ryde Head Postmaster.  The previous night he was guest of honour at a farewell dinner held at the Osborne Oasis, Ryde.  The occasion also marked the departure of Mr. John VALLENDER, 31,

Isle of Wight Times: Sept 5th 1968:  PLENTY OF ORDERS – After the dismissal in June of 33 workers, the Binstead engineering factory, A. N. CLARK Ltd., announced a further 22 redundancies on Friday.  This number would have been greater but for a large order just received by the company.  Explained the Managing Director, Mr.

Isle of Wight Times: Aug 8th 1968:  PUZZLED – Dear Sir.– I have never known the delights of European travel and must therefore be content to share the experiences of those that have.  I am sorely puzzled to read that in some parts of Europe visitors are driven up mountains by fearsome looking “bandits” to

Isle of Wight Times: July 4th 1968:  FAT FLYING – At the Ryde Roads Committee meeting, held on June 6, the committee was told about a petition from 20 residents objecting to fish and chip and hot dog vans parking along the Esplanade in the evenings.  Because of legal aspects, the rest of the discussion

Isle of Wight Times: June 6th 1968:  ‘CLEAN UP’ – Dangerous conditions on Ryde’s beaches, caused by broken bottles and other litter, are worrying the Ryde and East Wight Trades Council.  They are also notifying the Corporation of the “very bad condition” of the lower part of Weeks Road, and asking for hedge and tree

Isle of Wight Times: May 2nd 1968:  BY POST – Every envelope brought a problem for members of the Ryde Youth Club team taking part in the annual Hampshire and I.W. Association of Youth Clubs’ postal quiz.  Thirty-five clubs took part in this year’s county competition in which each team were sent questions through the

Isle of Wight Times: Apr 4th 1968:  MORE KNOTS LESS SPEED – British Rail’s new Seaspeed link between Ryde and Portsmouth got into difficulties on Monday within hours of beginning operations.  As the 65-seater HM2 was approaching its mainland terminal, a rope tangled round the propellers.  The hovercraft had to be withdrawn from service until

Isle of Wight Times: Mar 7th 1968:  CENTENARY SUMMER – 70 representatives from local organisations met at the Town Hall to consider suggestions for celebrating the borough centenary (the Royal Charter was granted on July 23, 1868).  Said Ald. CLEAVER: “It is not intended that the celebrations will be confined to July 23.  There will