Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer June 2nd 1860: VISITORS FROM BRIGHTON – An excursion under the auspices of the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway Literary Institution annually takes place, and this year a monster train containing upwards of 1,200 persons left Brighton at 7.30 a.m., and arrived at Portsmouth and were taken on board the

Isle of Wight Observer May 5th 1860: MR. BENJAMIN BARROW – We can assure the gentleman that there is not the least occasion for him to keep a vicious runaway horse, in order to convince the inhabitants of the town that he possesses the strong nerves and cool judgement so necessary to guide a man

Isle of Wight Observer Apr 7th 1860: ST MARIE’S CHURCH – On Easter Sunday about 90 of the Tipperary Militia, stationed at Sandown, marched into Ryde and attended the Roman Catholic Chapel. They were a fine body of men, and walked in and out of the town in a most orderly manner. Apr 7th 1860:

Isle of Wight Observer Mar 3rd 1860: THE OLD PIER NEW HEAD – These works are very gradually progressing and the contractors will certainly not complete them by the prescribed time – April next, unless they move more expediently than heretofore. The whole of the piles on the west side are driven, but there are

Isle of Wight Observer Feb 4th 1860: CARPENTERS – A deputation of carpenters, belonging to the firm of the Messrs. DASHWOOD, of High-street, waited on their employers on Thursday evening last, for an advance in wages; wishing to be paid the same as other establishments in the same line. As this is one of the

Isle of Wight Observer Jan 7th 1860: THE YEAR OF GRACE 1859 – The retrospect of the past year cannot be otherwise than gratifying to the inhabitants of the Isle of Wight; inasmuch as it was a year of extraordinary prosperity. The circumstance which stands out most boldly in relief is the effect which resulted

Isle of Wight Observer Dec 3rd 1859: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – The Countess METAXA and Capt. George and Mrs. HANCOCK arrived at their residence 1 Brigstocke Terrace; Mrs. and Miss ANDERSON have removed from Hanway Lodge to number 8 Brigstocke Terrace; Mr. and Mrs. NUGENT of Richmond House, Strand, entertained a party at dinner on Wednesday

Isle of Wight Observer Nov 5th 1859: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Mr. MEARS entertained a fashionable and numerous circle at dinner on Thursday at Gwydyr House; Mrs. and Miss BROUGHTON left Ryde on Monday last for Cheltenham; Sir George and Lady WYMER entertained a fashionable party at dinner on Monday evening last. Nov 5th 1859: COMPLETION

October 1859 Isle of Wight Observer Oct 1st 1859: KESTRAL HAWK – A very beautiful specimin of a cream coloured Kestral Hawk was shot by George RENDALL Esq., last week near Newchurch. It has been handed over to Mr. F. BEAZLEY, Ryde for preservation. Oct 1st 1859: THE ROCKET – The one o’clock coaches from

Isle of Wight Observer Sept 3rd 1859: FESTIVITIES – On Friday last, Lord and Lady DOWNER entertained a numerous circle of friends and visitors in Ryde and the Isle of Wight. The company assembled at 7 o’clock, and dancing commenced on the terrace which was illuminated by Chinese lanterns and decorated with flags. In the