Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer Oct 5th 1861: FORMIDABLE NAVIGATORS – Now so many of those muscular men known as navvies are stationed in the Island, it becomes a serious question whether or not the police force should not be strengthened for the better conservation of peace in the neighbourhood where they are employed. We have

Isle of Wight Observer Sept 7th 1861: WOODIN’s ENTERTAINMENT – Mr. WOODIN the mimical celebrity, gave his popular entertainment “A Cabinet of Curiosities” at the Victoria-rooms on Monday evening to a very good audience. We have spoken so often of this gentleman’s rare talents and abilities as a mimic, that any further description of them

Isle of Wight Observer Jun 1st 1861: NEW GAS LAMPS – Placed by the Ryde Gas and Coke Company around the districts of Swanmore, Dustans, and Spencer-road, were lighted for the first time during the past week. The pillars are higher than those in the town, much more ornamental, and are fitted with burners that

Isle of Wight Observer May 4th 1861: RYDE COMMISSIONERS – The first business of the meeting was to receive a reply from Sir Augustus CLIFFORD relative to him enclosing by a fence or rail the trees between the entrance to his grounds and Mrs. BECKFORD’s garden. The letter was read and a plan produced showing

Isle of Wight Observer Mar 2nd 1861: TEMPERANCE – The annual tea meeting of the Ryde society will take place at the Victoria-rooms on Monday, when Mr. CAMPBELL will address the audience. This gentleman’s advocacy of temperance on a former occasion struck us as singularly devoid of the fallacies often found surrounding the subject. Mar

February 1861 Isle of Wight Observer Feb 2nd 1861: OPENING DINNER – On Tuesday week Mr. James KENDALL of the Pier Hotel-tap, gave an opening dinner to his friends. Upwards of 40 sat down to a most excellent repast; after the cloth was removed, the usual convivialities were gone through, and the happy party did

Isle of Wight Observer Oct 6th 1860: MR. FOWLES CONCERT – This concert took place at the Victoria Rooms on Thursday evening and was very well attended. As it is the first given by our young and talented townsman it may be said to be one of decided success, although one of the violinists announced

Isle of Wight Observer Sept 1st 1860: A MILLIONARE – a fortnight ago died at Birmingham, Mr. COTTERILL, a man who, by extraordinary application to business and judicious investments, amassed the enormous sum of £1,000,000, which, with the exception of a few small legacies, he has bequeathed to the SCHOLEFIELD and REDFERN families. Mr. T.

Isle of Wight Observer Aug 4th 1860: ADVERT – Thomas FAIREY, Victoria House, 61 Union-street, Ryde. Laceman ~ Hosier ~ Glover and Fancy Warehouseman, begs to announce that he has just received another supply of Black Spanish Mantilla’s, Spanish Squares, Half Squares, and Black Maltese Squares &c. He can confidently recommend the above goods being

Isle of Wight Observer July 7th 1860: THE AZTECS – Those who have not yet seen these singular beings had better avail themselves of the opportunity of doing so this evening or tomorrow, which will be their last appearance at Ryde. We are competent to discuss a subject which has puzzled the learned, and can