Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Aug 6th 1859: FASHIONABLE LIST – The Grand Duke CONSTANTINE of Russia is hourly expected from St. Petersberg, and an extensive suite of rooms is engaged for him at the Pier Hotel and 5 Pier Terrace is also taken for his retinue; The Count and Countess de RICHMOND have arrived at Milton House. Aug 6th

Isle of Wight Observer July 2nd 1859: FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE – Gen Sir James CALDWELL and Mrs. SULLIVAN arrived at Beachlands on Wednesday; Mr. and Miss Warren HASTINGS ANDERSON returned to their residence, Beldornie-tower, on Saturday; The hon. H. PACKENHAM (Dean of St. Patrick) and Mrs. PACKENHAM have arrived at Sydney-terrace. July 2nd 1859: THUNDERSTORM –

Isle of Wight Observer 4th June 1859: ENTERTAINMENT – Sam COWELL, this inimitable comic vocalist from the Metropolitan Musical Saloons, gave an entertainment at the Victoria Rooms on Wednesday evening last. We need not say that the performances were but well attended and rapturously applauded. 4th June 1859: ADVERTISEMENT – SULTANA CREAM. For Restoring and

Isle of Wight Observer May 7th 1859: SCHOOL TREAT – The children of St. Thomas’s National Schools were regaled with a treat on Thursday afternoon at Swanmore. Besides a plenty of buns and so forth, gymnastics of all sorts were indulged in. May 7th 1859: FASHIONABLE LIST – Admiral WREN and Mrs. CARTER are on

Isle of Wight Observer Apr 2nd 1859: PROTECTION TO FOOTPATHS – For many years we have witnessed with great regret, a continual encroachment made upon the footpaths around Ryde. One after another have the beautiful verdant walks about Appley and St. John’s been closed up; then followed the shutting up of the path through Pelham-Shrubs

Isle of Wight Observer Mar 12th 1859: VICTORIA ROOMS – These rooms were very tolerably filled on Thursday evening to hear a concert of miscellaneous sacred music performed by a number of amateurs of the Island. The proceedings were prefaced by tea, when a very sociable gathering assembled. Mar 12th 1859: PUBLICATION – History and

January 1859 – 150 Years Ago Isle of Wight Observer Jan 1st 1859: ARRIVAL – Sir Augustus and Lady Elizabeth CLIFFORD, Capt. CLIFFORD, Mr. Charles CLIFFORD, M.P., and the Misses CLIFFORD arrived at Westfield on Monday, from the Continent and London. Jan 1st 1859: CHRISTMAS – Christmas passed away in Ryde with great quietness and

Isle of Wight Observer Dec 4th 1858: SCHEME FOR 1859 – In the Ferry Company asking for the powers that they do, we cannot fancy that it would be a very easy job to buy up the Ryde Pier interests, or the property for making an opening at the bottom of Union-street, and we cannot

Isle of Wight Observer Apr 3rd 1858: DISCOVERY OF HUMAN REMAINS – It is well-known to all old inhabitants of Ryde that the “Dover”, now called the Strand, was the burial place of hundreds of the men who perished by the capsizing of the “Royal George” at Spithead in 1782, and also of an immense