Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 2019 Biographical details added


In August,  our busy research team added 30 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Vice-Admiral Sir William Augustus Montagu, who had an impressive naval career and upon his death in 1852, was interred in a vault below Holy Trinity Church at Ryde.

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ARNOLD Fanny Louise. 27.09.1958.

ATTRILL Henry. 12.09.1940.

BAILEY David Charles. 25.01.1890.

BARBER George (Serg-Maj). 12.03.1911.

BARRY Charles Upham (Rev). 03.06.1883.

BASTARD Philemon Pownoll (Rev). May 1846.

BLAIKIE Thomas John. 09.09.1900.

BURNETT James Albert George (Pte). 22.09.1919.

COLLINS Mabel Avis. 30.05.1969.

DENHAM Albert Neal. 11.05.1906.

FAWDRY Bessie. 07.07.1969.

FOWLER Hollis Brook. 31.08.1951.

FROUD Gertrude Caroline Ann. 12.01.1959.

GUY Joseph. 12.08.1887.

HATCHER Frederick. September 1940.

HOAR Doris Elizabeth. 15.01.1951.

HOLT Frederick Bruce. 23.04.1926.

LAMING Charles William. March 1923.

MONTAGU William Augustus (Vice-Adm). 06.03.1852. (featured name)

OSMAN Harold Victor Roper. 21.06.1962.

PELLOW Ada. 17.06.1962.

RIVRON Annie Eleanor. 21.01.1959.

SAUNDERS Harry Albert. 03.01.1959.

STEEL Ada. 05.12.1972.

STOCKS Ernest James. 10.11.1911.

STOREY Alfred Ernest. 03.01.1948.

SYMONDS George Robert. 15.11.1958.

TAYLOR Arthur George. 22.09.1940.

TAYLOR George Henry James. 19.06.1896.

WHEELER John. 08.03.1895.

Image: Wikipedia – a print by Thomas Whitcombe depicting HMS Terpsichore capturing the Mahonesa on October 1796