Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- Nov 1st 1962: UNUSUAL MESSAGE – “Come quickly there’s a fire in this phone box !” When a man saw a hedge blazing on Ryde sea front and rushed to a telephone box to dial 999 on Monday evening, he found the kiosk full of smoke too—someone had set light to

Isle of Wight Times:- Oct 4th 1962: SPEAKING CLOCK COMPETITION – First round of the competition for this district to find a new voice for the P.O. “speaking clock” was won at Ryde last week by Miss Jennifer Ann FRY, telephonist at the Bembridge exchange. She will now go forward to the second round to

Isle of Wight Times:- Sept 6th 1962: IT’S “TIM” FOR A CHANGE – A new “Golden Voice” is being sought by the Post Office to make the recordings for TIM, the speaking clock. On this occasion the owner of the winning voice may be a man or woman. The present speaking clock has been in

Isle of Wight Times Aug 9th 1962: SRN2 SERVICE – The 27-ton Westland SRN2 Hovercraft will operate a scheduled passenger service between Appley Tower and Eastney Beach, Southsea, from Monday until Friday August 17 and from Monday August 20 to Friday 24, both inclusive. There will be three return trips each day, the first leaving

Isle of Wight Times:- July 5th 1962: TEACHERS – Arrangements have been made for the Interchange of Teachers between the United Kingdom and the United States of America, under which Mr. and Mrs. GIBSON of “Pinewood,” Mayfield-road, Ryde, will be spending the school year commencing in September teaching in schools in Denver, Colorado. Mr. GIBSON

Isle of Wight Times Jun 7th 1962: WORRIED PIANIST – Last Saturday will be a day long remembered by pianist Jim NEWBERRY, 21, of Ryde. In the morning, a few minutes after finding his mother lying unconscious on the pavement outside the Town Hall after a fall, he went on stage to gain one of

Isle of Wight Times May 3rd 1962: NATIONAL AWARD – OSBOURNE’s, the tailors of Ryde and Newport, have won three major awards in a tailoring competition organised by the magazine “Tailor and Cutter,” with a light weight dinner suit made by three of their employees, Mr. L. BIFIELD, Miss G. PRICE and Mr. S. IBBOTSON.

Isle of Wight Times Apr 12th 1962: EVENING CLASS CUTS – “Short-sighted,” “Inconsiderate” and “Senseless” were terms applied by Ryde Council members at the County Education Committee’s proposal to close the town’s further education classes. The grounds for the closure, said the Education Committee, were those of economy (the Ryde classes are believed to have

Isle of Wight Times Mar 15th 1962: CHARITY DANCE – More than 130 revellers attended a successful buffet dance held at the Hotel Ryde Castle in aid of the Southern Railway Children’s Home at Woking. The event is organised annually by a committee of local railwaymen. Mar 15th 1962: PORTABLE RADIOS – Cllr. Frank SEARLE

Isle of Wight Times Feb 1st 1962: CAT POISONER – Cat owners in Bettesworth-road, Ryde, believe someone is carrying out a cruel campaign to kill their pets. The neighbourhood has suddenly been hit by a spate of deaths and illnesses among cats, after examinations by veterinary surgeons revealed that it was attributed to a poison