Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Observer:- Oct 7th 1916:  BATHING HUTS – The profits from the bathing huts on the Eastern Esplanade, amounting to 50 guineas, have been handed over to the Royal I.W. County Hospital by the Mayor, who made himself personally responsible for initiating the new and, what has proved to be, popular bathing rendezvous.

Isle of Wight Observer:- Sept 2nd 1916:  BUTTER A LUXURY – Much as householders have economised in the use of butter, it looks as if the process would have to be carried still further, we have depended too much in the past upon products from abroad.   Evidence accumulates that fresh butter may rise very shortly

Isle of Wight Observer:- Aug 5th 1916:  AEROPLANE – An aeroplane met with a mishap when flying over the town at about 1,500 feet.  Something went wrong with the engine, and the pilot, a young lieutenant, at once put the machine about with the object of finding a safe landing place.  He skilfully planed down

Isle of Wight Observer:- July 1st 1916:  WILL-MAKING – Judging by the frequent examples of strange wills that every now and again come to light, there seems to be a strong tendency among a large class of testators to make their “last wills and testaments” as eccentric and peculiar as possible. July 1st 1916:  HOUSEHOLD

Isle of Wight Observer:- June 10th 1916:  BANK HOLIDAY SUSPENDED – The Mayor has issued a notice recommending in accordance with the decision of the Government that Whitsun Bank Holiday should not be observed, and that business be carried on as usual on that day. June 10th 1916:  PRISONERS OF WAR – The Mayor and

Isle of Wight Observer:- May 6th 1916:  BOROUGH BENCH – Monday was a “white glove day” for the borough Justices, there being no business to transact. May 6th 1916:  LOCAL MILITARY HERO – Particulars have come to hand of the services for which Lieut. R. L. FLUX, solicitor, of this town, has been awarded the

Isle of Wight Observer:- Apr 1st 1916:  HANDKERCHIEF’S – When prices are going up in every department of feminine attire, it is possible to buy pretty handkerchief’s quite cheaply.  During the sales coloured and white, were to be bought for a mere song.  Many girls who wisely made purchases then, are now converting their bargains

Isle of Wight Observer:- Mar 4th 1916:  COMFORTS – As a result of their recent concert the Ryde Philharmonic Society is sending comforts to the value of £5 to the Isle of Wight Forces serving abroad. Mar 4th 1916:  ACCIDENTS – Mr Frederick SHOTTER, of Argyll Street, met with an unfortunate accident on Friday by

Isle of Wight Observer:- Feb 5th 1916:  CARGO OF COAL SUNK – The British ship, Franz Fischer, which was sunk in the North Sea on Tuesday night by a bomb from a Zeppelin, had on board a cargo of coal for the Island Gaslight Companies, 500 tons of which was destined for the Ryde Gas-works.

Isle of Wight Observer:- Jan 8th 1916:  SMART CAPTURE – At the County Bench on Saturday, P.C. TARRANT, of the Ryde Borough Police Force, who gave evidence in a charge of burglary at Wootton, was highly commended by the Chairman (Colonel F. W. CRADOCK) on his capture of the prisoner as he was about to