Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Looking Back

Isle of Wight Times:- May 5th 1966:  TROUBLED TIMES – Trouble over rats, broken fences, and the noise of motor vehicles at night were some of the reasons given when three residents appealed for a reduction in the rating assessments on their homes at Little Preston Road, Ryde.  The area was advertised as being one

Isle of Wight Times:- Apr 7th 1966:  MARINE GROUP DANCE – The Marine Group of Ryde Youth Club organised a successful dance at the centre on Friday to music by “The Yakajax.”  The £5 raised will go towards the completion of an “Enterprise” class dinghy which the boys are building. Apr 21st 1966:  CINEMA OPENING

Isle of Wight Times:- Mar 10th 1966:  NEED BIGGER BOAT – Ryde’s voluntary sea rescue scheme is good, but it could be better.  Principal matter for concern was the size of the available rescue boat—only 12 ft. 6 ins.  While the organisers’ aim was to make the best use of existing facilities, it was felt

Isle of Wight Times:- Feb  3rd 1966:  RETIREMENT – After completing 47 years service at the Royal I.W. County Hospital, Mr. Gordon WHITTINGSTALL, of 275 Upton Road, Ryde, retired on Monday. Since 1936 Mr. WHITTINGSTALL had been a stoker, his other duties included ambulance driving, portering and assisting the nursing staff. Feb 3rd 1966:  FOGGY

Isle of Wight Times:- Jan 6th 1966:  RED RIDING HOOD – This traditional pantomime was presented at the Esplanade Pavilion, Ryde, on Saturday afternoon and evening by the Young Vectis Players. Since 1962 when the company was formed at Ryde, membership has doubled to 40 and four pantomimes, one musical and half a dozen charity

Isle of Wight Times:-   Dec 2nd 1965:  LEGION – At the annual conference  there was laughter and cries of “Hear, hear” when British Legion Women’s Section members were told at Ryde Town Hall last Wednesday; “We are not just a load of old women limited to walking behind flags and tea-making!” Perhaps we do

  Isle of Wight Times:-   Nov 18th 1965:  AMATEUR MOVIES – The Isle of Wight Amateur Cine Society met for “Scrapbook,” in which the old films made by members were screened before an audience of about 100 members. Mr. Frank MELLANBY’s (Ryde) “Every week come Tuesday” a documentary of Newport Market was screened followed

Isle of Wight Times:-   Sept 2nd 1965: MOVE – The Women’s Voluntary Service are moving to their new premises in Newport Street, Ryde, on September 16. After that date all their activities will be under one roof: Offices, Welfare foods, Darby and Joan Club, Luncheon Club, and Clothing Store for those in need; also

Isle of Wight Times:- Aug 4th 1965: RAILWAYS – Island M.P., Ald. Mark WOODNUTT, led an attack in the House of Commons on Tuesday to save the I.W. railways, which are threatened with closure. He urged the Minister of Transport to defer closing until Parliament had time to debate the decision next session. Aug 4th

Isle of Wight Times:- Jul 8th 1965: CLUES – In a clearing in a copse beside the main Ryde-Newport Road at Quarr something stirred. It was P.C. John OAKLEY of Binstead, sorting through lots of old rubbish for clues to who left it there. There was a lot of private correspondence which were torn into